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D he next season is almost around the corner. So it's high time to think about where you want to go on your next vacation. And whether you prefer to be alone or in a group. The second point should apply to the majority of those interested: classic car trips are the most fun with a team of like-minded people.

Travel planning - enormous expenditure of time

Now you can of course make a trip for your circle of friends to the Baltic Sea, for example , through the Alps or to Tuscany itself. The internet in particular makes planning a lot easier these days. Hotels, restaurants or a city tour? Everything can be viewed in advance with a click of the mouse and reserved if necessary. With appropriate route planners, you can even create road books in which petrol stations, workshops or accommodation are listed. However, the time required for this is enormous.

The alternative is an organized trip in which an operator has taken over all the preparatory work. Just get in, drive off and move into the reserved hotel room in the evening. You are not traveling alone, in many cases you are looked after by a competent tour guide, and often there is not even an escort vehicle with a well-equipped mechanic missing.

Clarify four important questions in advance

So that the trip does not turn out to be a disappointment, it is helpful to state your expectations to formulate the booking exactly:

- Do I use my own vehicle? Or do I want to take over a car on site?

- Is a road book enough for me to find the route? Or do I prefer a trip with a tour guide?

- Do I still feel comfortable in large tour groups? Or do I prefer to book a trip with as few participants as possible?

- Do the daily stages still leave room for sightseeing and leisure? Or is it just a 'drive'?

Before booking, it makes sense to talk to the respective tour operator about the trip in detail. If you cannot find a competent contact person, you should look around for another provider. With the help of the following overview, which does not claim to be complete, it should not be too difficult to find a suitable trip. Take some time to browse - the next seasoncomes. Guaranteed.


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