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Classic car calendar: fine rib instead of suspenders

Classic car calendar
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F for everyone who has an unusual taste, the classic car calendar by photographer Magdalena Schaarwächter and designer Janet Schürmeyer is just the thing. Because he's really something completely different in the end of the year wall hanging business.

Belly set and 17-day beard

Their male protagonists are as different as the cars: Instead of a washboard stomach, the amateur models show their well-groomed raccoon bellies, instead of shaved and oiled chests there are dreadlocks and wild ones Color combinations - 1960s fine rib knickers and Waldmannsheil brown panties included. Of course, color-coordinated with the youngtimers. The MG Midget man, for example, wears an 'over-tight swoop-owl pressure girdle', the Austin Healey beau a 'Güldigglänzende frog prince gear' and the BMW 2002 model a 'coarsely striped rock star homage lingerie'.

There are twelve on the classic car calendar Thematically staged motifs with classics such as Audi 80, MG Midget Mk III, Fiat 500 Giardiniera, Opel Rekord C, Citroen 2CV, Austin-Healey Mk I, Volvo Amazon, VW 1600 L, BMW 2002, Bitter CD, Ford LTD Country Squire and Buick Riviera.

The calendar can be bought online at autowaesche-kalender.de for 28 euros plus 3.95 euros shipping costs.


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