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Clamping accelerator pedals: Toyota has to face US committee

Clamping gas pedals
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'Like many customers, I am concerned about the severity and scope of the recent Toyota recall announcements,' said the chairman of the Energy and Trade Committee, Henry Waxman, late Thursday (Jan. 28). He wants to find out more about the background to the defects and how Toyota deal with it. (' A ll current information on the Toyota accelerator pedal recall can be found here ')

Since when did Toyota know of the problems?

'Our meeting with Toyota yesterday was helpful, but questions remain,' added the chairman of the relevant subcommittee, Bart Stupak. 'Incidents of jammed accelerator pedals on Toyota cars dragged on for a decade and resulted in a disproportionately high number of deaths.' The hearing is scheduled for February 25th. The main aim is to clarify how long Toyota knew of the problems.

Last week, Toyota had to admit that accelerators in 2.3 million American cars can get stuck in the depressed position. Toyota has stopped selling the affected models, including the bestsellers Corolla and Camry . In the meantime, the group has found the reason for the problems and is working with the supplier CTS on a solution to get the repair done quickly. Modified accelerator pedals are already available for cars that are currently being produced.

Allegedly 19 dead from sudden acceleration

Toyota's image is badly damaged : The group had to expand an earlier recall to another 1.1 million vehicles on Wednesday. Floor mats threaten to wedge themselves with the pedals in such a way that the car accelerates uncontrollably. Due to the defect, Toyota had already recalled 4.2 million cars last year.

According to the committee, which relies on data from the US Road Safety Authority, 19 people have already had theirs from sudden acceleration in Toyota cars Lifelost - more than twice as many as all other manufacturers combined. There are also signs of a recall in Europe and China. Japanese politicians already fear that the country's entire auto industry will be damaged.


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