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City driving ban in Vienna: inner city should be vehicle-free

City driving ban in Vienna
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M In the middle of June, Vice Mayor Birgit Hebein (Greens) and District Chairman Markus Figl (ÖVP) presented a new traffic concept in Vienna, which provides for a ban on entering the Inner Ring of Vienna for all vehicles. So it doesn't matter whether it's a car - with or without a combustion engine -, two-wheeler or truck. However, this entry ban also provides for many exceptions. These affect residents, garage parkers, companies, employees, delivery services or emergency vehicles. Even if many details are still unclear, the city center driving ban could be implemented before autumn. The idea of ​​making Vienna's city center car-free has been popping up again and again for years. The fact that it is now about to be implemented comes as a surprise to many.

Mayor steps on the brakes

Now the Mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig (SPÖ), speaks out on the subject of a driving ban Word. He still sees some open points in the Green and ÖVP project. He wants to evaluate the project in mid-July. Before that there will be no green light. As the newspaper Der Standard reports, Ludwig had an in-depth discussion with Hebein and Figl, during which some ambiguities could be cleared up. However, it is still open who should control the entry ban. According to the plans of the municipal department responsible for traffic affairs, the police are responsible for this. Ludwig sees no 'surplus of staff' in the executive branch.

As mayor, he too is interested in traffic calming in the first district. The effects should be examined carefully, however, with Ludwig leading possible displacement effects on the neighboring districts. This should not exist - 'neither in flowing nor in stationary traffic'.


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