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Citroen E-Mehari: electric buggy starts in 2016

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
Geneva Motor Show 2020
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E nt is the electric version of the Citroën Méhari in collaboration with the Bollore specialist. The purely electric drive train of the Citroën E-Méhari relies on an electric motor on the front axle that brings a nominal output of 35 kW and a peak output of 50 kW to the start. This is fed by a lithium metal polymer battery with a capacity of 30 kWh. This means that the Citroën E-Méhari, which has a top speed of 110 km /h, should have a range of up to 200 kilometers in an urban environment. A range of 100 kilometers is specified for overland tours. The energy storage can be charged at a standard socket in 13 hours, with fast charging the charging time drops to 8 hours.

The Méhari body consists of a colored plastic tub.

Citroën E-Méhari is very open

In terms of design, the Citroën E-Méhari borrows heavily from the Cactus, but just as intensely cites the '68 original Méhari. The 3.81 meter long, 1.87 meter wide and 1.65 meter high E-Méhari comes as a two-door model with two roll bar elements instead of the B and C pillars. Removable fabric roof elements are positioned in between. In this way, the E-Méhari can be transformed into a very open car in a flash. Like the original Méhari, the entire body consists of a solid-colored plastic tub - there is a choice of four colors.

When fully seated, the stubby rear has a trunk volume of 200 liters; if the rear seat is folded down, up to 800 liters should be in the rear fit. The interior is lined with robust and waterproof textiles from the diving area. There are two color themes to choose from.

Citroën E-Méhari price

In France, Citroën is now with theMehari started selling. The French specify 1,000 units as the production target this year, and sales are to start later in the rest of Europe. The price for the Citroën E-Méhari is ambitious: the basic vehicle costs 25,000 euros, and the only additional option is air conditioning for 1,450 euros. In addition, there is the battery rental, it is 79 euros per month.

An alternative is leasing the complete Citroën E-Méhari including batteries for 299 euros per month with a term of 49 months. However, this only applies when using the very generous state premiums in France: E-cars are supported with a purchase price subsidy of 6,300 euros, and the French scrapping premium for diesel cars of 3,700 euros must be used for the leasing fee mentioned .


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