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Citroen DS3 Musketeer: Exclusivity in one piece or in parts

Citroen DS3 Musketeer Tuning
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He calls himself Citroen D S3 Tiburon 222 Limited Edition, is only built in an edition of ten copies and is available for prices starting at EUR 28,790. The special edition by Tuner Musketier is based on a DS3 THP 150 Sport Chic including a navigation system. The Tiburon package from Musketier includes a body kit with a carbon look, a sports exhaust system, lowering and 18-inch alloy wheels.

Performance increase up to 230 PS

Of course the accessories program from Musketier is not tied to the special model. Every DS3 can be upgraded on request. The Tiburon body kit includes a front spoiler, a rear apron, side skirts, wheel arch strips and a sports exhaust system. The latter can be selected in different tailpipe variants and harmonize with the rear diffuser. The body parts come in a carbon look or shine in black or silver. The complete package costs from 1,849 euros. Of course, all parts can also be purchased individually.

Musketeer optimizes the chassis by means of shorter springs (from 179 euros) or with a coilover kit (from 959 euros), the motors are strengthened by new motor control software. The 90 hp diesel increases to 115 hp and 246 Nm for 699 euros. The 110 hp diesel engine produces 139 hp and 375 Nm after the electronics treatment, which cost € 699. The 1.6-liter turbo gasoline engine comes with new software for 849 euros, 190 hp and 340 Nm. If another turbocharger and a larger intercooler are installed, even 230 hp are possible.

The interior of the Citroen DS3 can be upgraded with full leather trim, sports steering wheels and a sports gear knob.


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