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Citroen DS reader test drive: a divine day

Citroën DS reader test drive
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The weather doesn't seem to be an atheist: As soon as you've brought a couple of goddesses with you, the sky over Versailles is shining in the most dazzling shades of blue. There, to be precise in the Allée des Marronniers, Citroën ten readers of auto motor und sport invited to give them an exclusive insight into the past and present of the DS. The selected readers were able to really let the entire DS product portfolio fly on the original run-in track of the Citroën racing department. Supposedly closely guarded by decorative tanks from the armaments company Nexter, which is called C itroën divides the route. Probably some of the participants are still suffering from chronic grins when driving in this scenery.

Meanwhile, the original DS remained, protected from full-throttle attacks, in a hall called 'Conservatoire', which provides a roof over your head to practically all the important treasures of the company's history: from the all-wheel-drive desert 2CV to various Prototypes and special models up to the SM converted into an open state limousine by Henri Chapron in 1971. A festival for fans of the brand. Always in the center: the Déesse - this is how DS is pronounced in French, it is the word for 'goddess'. After all, in 1955 it not only revolutionized the design language in the automotive sector, but also inspired with its technical progressiveness. While walking past the exclusive exhibits, some participants felt a bit of melancholy.

Citroën DS interior is a highlight

Around 60 years later, a DS is no longer the vehicle from one different, futuristic world, but more practical, sportier and cheaper than back then - important qualities. Press chief Stefan Lützenkirchen sees the independent brand DS very clearly in the area of ​​luxury and fashion: 'We are developing as a premium brand. It also took Audi 15 years to consolidate its new image.' The participants were already very impressed: Details such as the leather seats in the DS5 with their interwoven structure became the highlight of the readers. 'The interior of the DS5 is really very nice. I especially like the leather seatsI look great ', summarized reader Marcus Zorn.

When driving, however, the priorities of the BMW 1 Series owner were the smaller and lavishly motorized models. Above all, the black and gold racing roll DS3 R inspired him and all the other participants. 'The little speedster I'll take it with me straight away, 'Martina Malek happily got out of the 207 hp small car and switched to the purist rally version. In this, the participants were allowed to take a seat in the passenger seat and race around the course at high speed from the young talent Philipp Knof The DS3 Cabrio, which has been available since spring 2014, took second place among readers.

The new, somewhat sportier orientation from Citroën was clearly well received by the participants. Even if it was the more classic, comfortably tuned top model DS5 suffered a little from the very dynamic driving course and some participants wanted a firmer chassis.

But that's Citroën always: a brand in the field of tension between sport and unusual comfort .


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