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Citroen DS High Rider: Diesel hybrid study presented in Geneva

Sebastian Viehmann
Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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Exactly one year ago, the French unveiled the Citroen DS Inside study at the Geneva Motor Show. This already gave a very realistic outlook on the new mini competitor Citroen DS3, which will be available at dealers shortly - exactly one year later (the C itroen DS3 im Driving report ).

Citroen DS High Rider with textile roof

Whether this year's Geneva study by Citroen will be in the showrooms of the authorized dealers in a year , is not yet certain. In any case, the DS High Rider joins the ranks of the dynamically drawn Citroen studies of the recent past. The front of the 4.26-meter-long, 1.82-meter-wide and 1.48-meter-high DS High Rider is adorned with the typical brand face with the huge radiator and the headlights that extend far into the fenders. The two side ventilation slots underline the aggressive appearance. The windshield extends into the roof area, which is intended to increase the airy feeling of space. The roof is fabric-related to give the impression of a convertible.

The study is relatively high, which should provide plenty of space. The rear fender is further accentuated by a distinctive bead that runs right through the middle of the tank cap. The study rolls on a lush 19-inch model. The roof of the Citroen DS High Rider slopes backwards and gives the study additional dynamism. As with the IAA hybrid study Citroen Révolte, the designers did without a B-pillar on the High Rider. The rounded rear is adorned by the LED taillights and an opulent double exhaust. The extremely short overhangs of the diesel hybrid study are also striking.

Geneva study Citroen DS High-Rider with diesel hybrid drive

The Citroen DS High Rider should also offer the rear passengers sufficient space and at the same time convey the driving experience of a coupe A diesel engine, supported by an electric motor, does its job under the bonnet. The latter drives the rear wheels when required, while the diesel transmits its power to the front wheels. The hybrid drive called HY4 is already used in the group brother Peugeot 3008 Hybrid HY4 (the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid HY4 in the driving report). There he brings itElectric motor to an output of 37 hp, while the diesel mobilizes 163 hp. As in the Peugeot 3008, purely electric driving should also be possible in the Citroen DS High Rider.


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