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Citroen CXPerience Concept: Design outlook on the C5 successor

Citroen CXPerience Concept
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D he 4.85 meter long hatchback sedan now also transfers the new design to the next higher vehicle class. Particular emphasis was placed on the aspect of comfort.

Doors that open in opposite directions ensure a lot of comfort when entering.

Citroën CXPerience with a distinctive Design

The front of the two-meter-wide CXPerience is based on extremely slit-shaped LED headlight units that place an ultra-narrow grill in the middle. That is why the French group large, smooth surfaces. In the lower area, three steering LED headlights on each side of the vehicle complete the light signature. The apron with controlled air inlets should provide more efficiency. Movable flaps built into each side of the vehicle open and close to optimize aerodynamics.

With a wheelbase of three meters, the silhouette of the 1.37 meter high CXPerience features short overhangs, flowing lines, 22-inch alloy wheels and counter-rotating opening doors that reach far into the roof. There is no B-pillar.

The rear of the CXPerience underlines the determined appearance of the concept car. Striking fenders, a concave rear window and a movable spoiler in the lower area are intended to improve aerodynamics. The rear lights with 3D effect and fiberglass take on the V-shape of the front light signature. The indicators installed in the middle are hidden under a finely chrome-plated, non-reflective lamella. The light signature framed in a black element follows the trunk line and thus emphasizes the width of the vehicle.

A glass roof consisting of two elements brings width into the interior, a large trunk makes it suitable for everyday use.The exterior mirrors replace cameras that provide passengers with all-round surveillance.

Integrated sound system for maximum listening pleasure.

Interior as a comfort landscape

The interior of the concept car Citroën CXPerience relies on high-quality materials from the world of architecture, decoration and furniture. The design is contemporary and simple. The color citrus yellow should radiate freshness and energy. Walnut wood and leather bring life into the interior. The geometric fabric 'water green' harmonizes with the exterior paintwork. The cockpit bears a brand-typical single-spoke steering wheel, the dashboard with the large touchscreens, which bundle all displays and controls, appears to be floating. The ground is soft and yielding. The side skirts create a contrasting program with chrome applications.

A smartphone can be attached to the center console and fully integrated into the on-board system. The rear passengers can access an integrated tablet. The on-board sound system relies on the loudspeakers integrated into the headrests at the front and rear.

Hybrid drive with 300 HP system output

The drive of the Citroën CXPerience uses a plug-in petrol Hybrid module. Citroën does not give exact dates. What is conceivable, however, is a gasoline engine with 150 to 200 hp on the front axle, which works together with an 80 kW electric motor on the hindquarters. In between sits an 8-speed automatic. The system output could be around 300 hp, the purely electric range is forecast at 60 km. A 3 kWh battery is used as an energy storage device, which can be recharged in 2.5 to 4.5 hours. A display on the bonnet provides information about the charge status.


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