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Citroen Cactus M Concept at the IAA: Mehari reincarnation

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink
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M he Cactus M, Citroën is showing a study with extremely high outdoor potential. The reference of the study is clear - the legendary Méhari is being transferred to modern times. The Mehari is and was considered an ideal leisure and beach mobile. Absolutely reduced from the concept and radically open.

Cactus M model: the legendary Citroen Mehari.

The Citroën Cactus M is based on the normal Cactus , but has been radically rebuilt. The four-door became a two-door. The roof is completely eliminated. All that remains is a solid windshield frame and a bracket element above the C-pillars. Both together serve as a basic element for a roof rack. In addition, both have a wood look. Thanks to the drains built into the footwell, the passenger compartment is easy to clean with a water jet. The waterproof seats, covered with colored neoprene, are inspired by the surfing scene.

The deeply cut doors have a rib profile like the body of the Méhari once did. With its roughly profiled tires, plenty of ground clearance and the Grip Control traction system, the front-wheel drive car should also be able to take its passengers to the beach. The Cactus M Concept is not based on a specific series concept - but it should open up new possibilities.


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