Chrysler recall - throttle stuck

Chrysler recall - accelerator pedals stuck
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'Under certain conditions it can happen that the pedal does not immediately returns to the starting position, 'explained the company.

Chrysler is responding with a precautionary recall

Last month, the US traffic safety agency opened an investigation after several drivers complained about sticking gas pedals . Chrysler has now responded with a precautionary recall. Accidents should not have occurred yet. According to the manufacturer, the majority of the cars drive on roads in the USA. It was initially unclear whether cars exported to Germany are also affected.

Memories of Toyota are awakened. The Japanese automaker is recalling 2.3 million cars in the United States alone because of accelerator pedals that can get stuck on their own. In both cases the manufacturer is called CTS and is based in Elkhart in the US state of Indiana. The company initially did not comment on the recent problems.

Clamping accelerator pedals had recently also cost Ford nerves. Some drivers of the Explorer SUV and the Mercury Milan sedan had extra floor mats placed on top of the existing ones. The new, unsecured mats promptly blocked the pedals. The US traffic safety authority was prompted to issue a warning. Toyota is struggling with sticking gas pedals worldwide.


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