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Chrysler Portal Concept (CES 2017): Autonomous electric crossover

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I n just ten years, you are certain at Chrysler that every third customer is a millennial. Means: Born sometime between 1980 and 1999 and grew up in a rapidly interconnected world. This next generation of motorists has so far been a real nightmare for classic car manufacturers. Why? Because the automobile only plays a very subordinate role in the everyday life of a millennial. And when a mobile pedestal is needed, the demands are more than high. So far, the vast majority of car manufacturers have failed because of this. Not because the vehicles currently available are no good. On the contrary. But they simply do not fit the requirements of the new target group. Networking? If there is then only an additional charge. And then often only if you have the right smartphone at hand. We know that at Fiat-Chrysler, too, has risen to this challenge. With a team of young designers and engineers. The result: The Chrysler Portal Concept. A study developed and designed by millennials for millennials. The result is a mixture of an electric family van, Playstation, second living room and mini disco. Quite playful, but maybe that's why it's so interesting. The Chrysler Portal premiered at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

If the Chrysler portal drives autonomously, the steering wheel disappears in the dashboard.

Chrysler portal is completely networked

The basic idea of ​​the Chrysler portal is that a completely new vehicle concept is being invented for millennials got to. Chrysler developers call this the “fifth generation” of family cars, after station wagons, minivans, SUVs and crossovers. Visually, the Chrysler Portal doesn't quite make this leap. It's just another crossover with admittedly pretty chic portal doors. It gets exciting in the interior, the more social living spacewants to be as a means of transport. The elimination of B-pillars is intended to create additional space. Plenty of foot space and large glass surfaces create a generous living space in the van with three rows of seats. An electric motor is of course used as the drive source. The range of the Chrysler portal should be around 400 kilometers thanks to a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery. This should be able to fill up with juice for 240 km in just under 20 minutes with a fast charging system.

Numerous sensors, cameras and radar monitoring ensure autonomous driving potential. As of today, the concept allows level 3 autonomous driving. In other words, on the motorway, for example, the driver can hand over a large part of the work to the car. The step towards fully autonomous driving is still too big for Chrysler, but should still be possible with the Portal Concept because the technology and the interfaces of the vehicle are designed to learn.

The core of the operating concept, however, is the human-machine interface that Fiat-Chrysler developed together with electronics specialist Panasonic. This not only allows total networking with all social media applications but also comprehensive personalization of the vehicle. The door sensors recognize authorized persons and open automatically accordingly. Light, climate and seat settings are stored in a personal profile. Large touchscreens interact with 3D graphics.

Very important: the vehicle allows seamless integration of every conceivable technology at all times. For this purpose, eight different docking stations are distributed in the interior, via which any type of portable device can be connected to the vehicle. According to Chrysler, there are no limits. A camera that films the baby in the rearmost row of seats while driving and transmits the image to the front passenger's display? No problem. And when the youngsters are older, the Playstation simply comes into the car. The daddel sound shouldn't be a problem: “Personal Zoned Audio” (PZA) is the name of the concept with which each of the six seats can be filled with music individually.

That sounds like everything at second glance very playful. And a look into the concept vehicle shows that so far this has been little more than a very ambitious handicraft work by young designers and developers. Series chances in this diversity? No. But: A family-friendly electric car with a long range and clever networking options can seriously not be a bad idea. We don't necessarily want to wait ten years for it.


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