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Chrysler at Sema 2012: playground for house tuners Mopar

Chrysler at the Sema 2012
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' Moparized 'is what Chrysler calls models that have gone through the in-house tuning department Mopar. At the Sema in Las Vegas, numerous new Mopar tuning ideas are presented.

Juice and power under the hood

Sand Trooper is what Chrysler calls the Jeep Wrangler with its hard-core off-road look. A 375 hp 5.7 liter Hemi V8 works under the hood, for which Mopar offers a conversion kit. New portal axles and an elevation by five inches provide even more off-road power. The off-road package is supplemented by 42-inch off-road tires. The desert look is completed by a matt finish.

The Dodge Charger Juiced has plenty of juice and power under the hood. The 650 HP V10 engine from the new Viper works under the bright orange bodywork. In addition, 20 inch rims, lowering, an aerodynamic package and additional air intakes are used.

Two half Jeeps and a Fiat 500 for the beach

The Half & Half Jeep Grand Cherokee juxtaposes the Mopar and the production version. The Cherokee is normal up to the middle of the vehicle, the second half of the vehicle is peppered with Mopar attachments. A suggested zipper separates both sides of the vehicle.

The sporty side, on the other hand, is emphasized even further with the new Viper. Numerous add-on parts made of carbon, a special paint, a full leather interior and numerous interior accessories upgrade the new sports car for the Sema.

The Chrysler 300 Luxury version is all about luxury. Chrome, a special paint and 20 inch rims enhance the look. In the interior, leather, aluminum pedals and new floor mats beckon.

In contrast, the Fiat 500 mutated into a beach cruiser under the control of Mopar. The dwarf in old-school style wears thick fenders, special rims and whitewall tires. The appearance is rounded off by a matt finish and a roof rack. As a special treat, a hoola dancer is dancing on the dashboard.

Carbon fiber and V8 power

The Dodge Urban Ram goes for a power pickup. More power under the hood has been paired with larger brakes, a sports exhaust system, 22 inch rims and a special paint finish.

The Sema version of the new Dodge Dart was christened Carbon Fire. A bonnet made of carbon fiber laminate is used to name the caras well as numerous body parts, also made of carbon. There are also 19-inch alloy wheels, stronger brakes, lowering, a special paint finish and full leather interior.


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