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Chromtec Mercedes C 63 AMG: 612 PS in carbon fiber

Chromtec Mercedes C 63 AMG
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C arbon is always an ornament on sporty cars - like that also on the Mercedes C 63 AMG from Chromtec. Among other things, the radiator grille cover (price 950 euros), the exterior mirror housings (price 790 euros) and the flaps of the rear apron (price 550 euros) are made in carbon fiber. and front spoiler flaps (690 euros). A new diffuser is used on the rear apron, the carbon version costs 1,190 euros; the paintable, primed version Edition 1 costs 1,090 euros. Chromtec then puts a widened spoiler lip on the trunk lid, which wants to be remunerated with a further 390 euros.

By chip tuning to 612 PS

With the gear train, the tuner uses 20 inchers from the offer from Concave (2,600 euros), which are installed together with a height-adjustable coil spring set (950 euros).

So that the C 63 doesn't just look like performance, an additional control unit costing around 5,000 euros elicits the four-liter twin-turbo V8 a whopping 612 hp. In addition, the Vmax lock is canceled. Those who invest another 690 euros get a manual control for the exhaust flaps. The Chromtec conversion is rounded off by a rear conversion (1,150 euros) with chrome-colored or optionally black exhaust tailpipes that are fitted into the rear apron.


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