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Child seats in the crash test: every second seat fails

Reinhard Schmid
Child seats in a crash test
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Half of the ten popular brand seats at prices of up to 360 euros were devalued as not recommended. 'We have such a dramatic result after the good E results from previous years not expected”, says test editor Christian Bangemann. 'We have already tested 150 child seats in the ams test, but the result has never been so bad.'

Even expensive child seats were not up to the crash test

The test result is all the more annoying, than that even expensive brand seats were not up to the crash test. The backrests and seat constructions of the Storchenmühle My Seat CL (100 euros), the Chicco Key 1 (229 euros) and the Concorde Transformer (260 euros) broke. With the Recaro Polaric (299 euros) one of the two Isofix mountings opened and the seat rotated uncontrollably around the remaining mount. The Storchenmühle Twin One (220 euros) is also not recommended. With him, the load on the children's neck is too high.

Recommended: Besafe Izi Combi X2 and Maxi Cosi Tobi for children up to 3 years

Recommended for the seats for children up to three Years are the Besafe Izi Combi X2 (359 euros), which is very difficult to install, and the Maxi Cosi Tobi (300 euros). The reasonably priced Römer Eclipse (150 euros) is highly recommended in this segment.

For seats for children up to 36 kilograms, only the Cybex Solution X-fix (150 euros) and the Kiddy Discovery pro (170 euros) were convincing . Both seats are not only characterized by good test results, but also by low prices and easy handling.


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