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Chevrolet Traverse premiere: new generation of the giant SUV

Chevrolet Traverse (2018) premiere
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C hevrolet traverse, never heard of? Not surprising in Europe, but in the USA, the huge, 5.2-meter-long family friend is definitely a small success story for General Motors. After all, around 500,000 units have been sold since the market launch. However, with a model that has received practically no major visual upgrade since its premiere in 2008 and now looks accordingly old-fashioned.

Chevrolet Traverse 2018 premiere

So it's high time for the new generation, that puts Chevrolet in the spotlight at the Detroit Auto Show. The new Chevrolet Traverse keeps its dimensions roughly on par with the previous generation (LxWxH 5,189 /1,996 /1,795 mm). However, the design is now considerably more modern and is no longer a feat, so it can again stand up to the current Ford Explorer, the most important competitor on the US market.

The new Chevrolet Traverse will be available in seven equipment lines. All but the RS variant received a 3.6-liter V6 with nine-speed automatic transmission that developed 305 hp. The alleged sports model Traverse RS, however, has a smaller drive, a two-liter turbo gasoline engine with 255 hp and 400 Nm. The RS is also the only model for which no all-wheel drive is offered.

Lots of space on eight seats

Was the previous Traverse already known for being one of the most spacious SUVs ever, this topic is being expanded in the second generation. There should now be even more room to move in rows two and three. The middle bench seat can be moved to the front for easier entry.

In terms of design, the Chevrolet Traverse borrows some of the design from the Tahoe full-size off-road vehicle and also brings various quotes from the Ford Explorer, especially in the front design. As it should be for a 2018 model year, everything in terms of security assistants and multimedia gimmicks is on board - hotspot, surround view camera, collision assistant with pedestrian detection, the complete package. Sales start in autumn, there are no prices yet.


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