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Chevrolet FNR-X Concept: Crossover for new paths

Chevrolet FNR-X Concept
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F NR - Find new Roads - find new ways. With the FNR-X, Chevrolet is definitely going off the beaten track. The crossover model presented in China is intended to bundle all demands on a car and also be attractive to young buyers. In addition, the study mixes a beefy SUV foundation with a filigree coupé superstructure. Large air inlets in the front and grimly cut LED headlights add the sporty flavor. The FNR-X also offers active aerodynamics. Front and rear spoilers, radiator flaps, wheel covers and side skirts adapt actively to the driving conditions.

Doors opening in opposite directions (remote-controlled) without a B-pillar provide access to the interior, which has four individual seat shells suspended on a rail system and lots of wood and high-tech textiles. The folding rear seat backrests create variability. Also on board are a whole armada of assistance systems, a comprehensive networked infotainment system and LED-based ambient lighting.

On the drive side, the Chebrolet FNR-X comes with an unspecified plug-in hybrid drive. It offers all-wheel drive, which, together with the generous ground clearance and the multi-adjustable, adaptive chassis, also allows driving on unexplored, new paths. A head-up display with all-round monitoring enables an overview.


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