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Chevrolet Duramax V8 diesel: Monster engine with 1,234 Nm

Chevrolet Duramax V8 diesel
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The large V8 diesels in full-size pickups have long enjoyed cult status in the USA. They drive the heavyweights among US pickups with truck torque at the lowest engine speeds and unbridled power. Now C hevrolet completely renovated the legendary Duramax diesel.

Chevrolet Silverado HD with Duramax diesel

The new power plant with a displacement of 6.6 liters is celebrating its premiere in the equally huge Silverado HD, a pickup with the dimensions of a medieval castle. The 2017 model year of the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD Z71 will optionally come with the giant diesel in the future. Compared to its predecessor, no component of the engine remained untouched.

With the previous Duramax diesel, the new machine only shares the dimensions of bore and stroke, which results in a slightly short-stroke design (103x99 mm). This means that the Chevrolet Duramax diesel has a displacement of exactly 6.599 cubic centimeters. The monster's engine block is made of cast iron, but the lower crankcase is made of aluminum.

The crankshaft and connecting rod have been enlarged and reinforced compared to the predecessor. The oil circuit has also been revised. With a higher throughput, the turbocharger is supplied with lubricant faster and better, larger spray nozzles on the piston crown improve the temperature balance.

More smoothness, better thermal conditions

A two-part oil pan made of aluminum and sheet steel should be Improve the smoothness of the engine, the oil cooler has been enlarged by 50 percent. Thermally, the new Duramax diesel is therefore better off than its predecessor. The cylinder heads are now made of light metal for the first time and are fastened with six bolts per cylinder to withstand the increased pressure.

With a new common rail injection system and 2,000 bar injection pressure, up to seven injection processes can be achieved per work cycle, which, in addition to improvements in exhaust gas and fuel consumption, also results in lower engine noise. The variable turbocharger delivers more boost pressure than before and is prepared for higher exhaust gas temperatures.

Duramax 6.6 V8 diesel with 445 hp

Like large truck engines, the new Duramax diesel has a exhaust-controlled engine brake. OneAnother highlight are the new high-performance glow plugs. Chevrolet promises an engine start at -29 degrees outside temperature in less than three seconds without using an external engine preheater. This means that the Duramax diesel - provided the fuel can withstand these temperatures - achieves the cold start capability of a gasoline engine. The giant diesel is flanged to a six-speed automatic, the Allison 1000.

The performance data of the new Duramax V8 in any case astonish people in the land of the two-liter TDI. 445 SAE-PS are waiting for a leisurely 2,800 tours. The maximum torque of 1,234 Newton meters is already gathered at 1,600 revolutions.


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