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Chevrolet Corvette: donor for super sports car dreams

Chevrolet Corvette
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Since 1953 the C orvette continued an original American sports car history over six generations. So far, around 1.5 million copies of the US athlete have rolled off the assembly line.

Corvette engine as a popular drive source

The weak six-cylinder of the first model years was followed by the first in 1955 Corvette with V8 power unit. From then on, interest in the Corvette and its performance increased gradually. The displacement has increased over the years to up to 7.4 liters in the Corvette C3 and up to 647 hp in the current Corvette ZR1.

No wonder that the Corvette units are also high at other car manufacturers were in the course. For example, within the GM group, Chevrolet models were used again and again, but also Vauxhall and Holden the V8-Small Blocks from Detroit. But numerous small car manufacturers also resorted to the drive technology from the US athlete. Corvette V8 engines - as standard, drilled out and charged - for example in models from Marcos, Mosler, Bizzarini or the Swiss super sports car Weber F1 find. The Ultima GT-R from England, the Irmscher GT i40 from the Swabian town of Winnenden or the latest edition of the AC Cobra also rely on Corvette V8 power.

Complete platform as a super sports car base

Others went a step further and took over the complete chassis of the Corvette - a self-supporting backbone construction, like the one used on the VW Beetle made popular as a conversion platform - that easily moved from the plastic body The latest example of a Corvette-based sports car dream is the Bertone Mantide, which debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show. Corvette technology is also hidden under the carbon fiber cladding of the Castagna Aznom orunder the shell of the African sports car Zagato Penara Z-One. The Spadaconcept Codatronca, the Cheeta and Ugur Sahin's Corvette dream also have plenty of Corvette genes. The Holden Efijy concept car was a special highlight based on the Corvette.

Current technology in a retro look

And those who prefer the Corvette as a Corvette can, for example, have the bodywork of the early Corvette years tailored to the latest technology at the US company CRC or, with the Rossi 66, a modern Corvette with a retro look order.

And that probably doesn't mean all sports car dreams about the Corvette have come to an end. The seventh generation of the Corvette is coming and with it further inspirations for individualists.


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