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Chevrolet Camaro Special Editions Detroit Motor Show

Chevrolet Camaro special editions Detroit Motor Show
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The 4.84 meter long coupé is offered in the USA with three engines and rear-wheel drive as standard , 6 liter gasoline direct injection engine with 304 hp. In addition, C hevrolet offers a V8 with 6.2 liters displacement, which is available with 400 hp or 426 hp. All engines are supplied with a six-speed gearbox, but are also available with a six-speed automatic. The standard colors that can be ordered include white, blue, red, silver or black. But that's not all.

Pretty green: the Camaro Synergy

The ones on the Detroit Motor Show presented Synergy variant comes in a special shade of green and is only available in a limited edition between February and May offered - a homage to the glory days of the Camaro in 1969, when the pony car in the special 'Rallye Green' paint scheme as a Chevy Camaro RS was available. At that time, the first generation of the Camaro was also offered in 'Hugger Orange', as the 1969 Camaro Sport Coupe, popular with collectors, shows in our photo show.

The 2010 pace car of the Indianapolis 500 ties in with this colorful history, which is also painted orange and provided with white rally stripes and is now a real eye-catcher. And if these two colors are not yet bright enough, you can also fall back on the special model in yellow with black rally stripes, inspired by the Hollywood film 'Transformers'. And yes, that's right, there has been one too. The paintwork was then called 'Daytona Yellow' and was also available in the 'First Generation' between 1967 and 1969.

Chevrolet Camaro also for Europe?

So far remains the new Camaro and its special editions are reserved for the US market. However, GM has repeatedly confirmed that the retro sports car will also be offered in Europe in the future. Independent importers who are already selling the US muscle car in Germany charge between around 40,000 and 50,000 euros, depending on the engine variant. If the maximum output of 426 PS is not enough, tuners already have it for youaccordingly potent Camaro versions in the program. For example Geiger Cars from Munich, which elicits an impressive output of 568 hp from the Chevrolet Camaro SS using a compressor. However, it's just black. But that's not so bad either ...


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