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Chery in portrait: One of the largest Chinese manufacturers

Portrait of Chery
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M itt now Chery produces 500,000 cars a year. The brand includes the three subsidiary brands Rely, Riich and Karry. In addition, under the umbrella of Chery Automobile, there are Chery Engine and Chery Armored Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which manufactures bulletproof cars.

Many small cars in the Chery model range

The Chery A3 would be a classic VW Golf competitor in Europe: It targets the compact segment and is offered in Europe with two four-cylinder engines that were developed in cooperation with supplier AVL . The 1.6-liter has 119 hp, the 1.8-liter over 132 hp, the 2.0-liter with automatic transmission over 138 hp.

Premium-class models and SUVs are also represented at Chery

One size bigger is the Chery A5, which has either manual or automatic gearbox and four different engines from 108 to 138 hp. The 4.77 meter long Eastar with front-wheel drive and two four-cylinders (129 to 132 hp) belongs to the upper class. With a trunk volume of 621 liters, the Eastar is ideal for a touring sedan. The Eastar Cross is not quite as long as the Eastar, but a bit higher.

The Chery Cowin is said to be a car that is affordable, especially for the Chinese. A 1.5-liter engine with 108 hp sits under the hood. The Chery Cowin is 4.4 meters long and 1.7 meters wide. The Chery Tiggo is an SUV. The chassis was created in collaboration with Lotus. The range of engines is large. It ranges from 1.6 liters with 119 hp to 2.0 liter engines with 138 hp and four-wheel drive.

The Riich and Karry 3 models are practical and spacious. The Riich is only four meters long , but holds around 2,500 liters of luggage when loaded up to the roof. The Karry 3 is a 4.60 meter long panel van with space for five people. A maximum of 1,500 liters can be stowed in its trunk. It is powered by a four-cylinder with 88 hp.


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