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Cheap H-license plate car: Audi 80 with 30 annual rings

Frank Herzog
Report: Cheap H license plate car
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He is the oldest on the square. The inconspicuous Audi 80 CL in pale topaz green metallic is hidden behind common old car goods such as BMW 525 tds, Mercedes 200 TE, Opel Omega or V olvo 440. Moss deposits and tough, deep dirt in the door and hood gaps suggest a longer one Service life. A used car dealer in Würzburg has already radically reduced it. The faded price tag in the car wants a hefty 1,470 euros, in the advertisement the friendly Ionel Mager is asking a fair 981 euros for the 28-year-old youngtimer, who has survived at least four fifths of its kind in the gentle run of the pensioner business.

The price is hot, which arouses the pronounced hunting instinct of car-loving Biedermann lovers. 'I-had-one-of-a-kind', is simply the right to exist for typical public cars with limited charisma. A mantra that you will hear in this Audi at every refueling stop that applies to all middle-class family carriages - whether Ford Taunus or Fiat Argenta.

Audi 80 will not become a booming share

Our threshold Audi 80 could already have an H license plate in just under two years. At first glance, the amount of manual work involved seems manageable with a Mercedes 500 SE, a Jaguar XJ 12 HE or a Rolls-Royce Silver-Spirit, for which the lucrative tax model called the H license plate almost doubles the value, our 1.8-liter Audi is not yet a booming stock even with an H-blessing.

Even d fades away he reference to the big brother Urquattro and flawless Giugiaro design has not been heard. An Audi 80 has no lobby, just a few irradiated lovers who succumb to its brittle charms. Hopeless nostalgics who drive behind the perfect world of the eighties on green herringbone seats and behind a brown hard plastic steering wheel.

Take a closer look important

Unprocessed and carelessly lined up in a row, it looks uninviting, but the body is in astonishingly good condition apart from a rust perforation at the front of the wheel arch. Especially the broad onesSills are very healthy, and the rear wheel arches are also not found. The nasty place between the driver's door and the wheel cutout is not a rust perforation, but a wrinkled bump.

On the Audi 80, it is also worth taking a look at the standing plates in the engine compartment. They are often welded, and the rust-prone corners on the bulkhead at the height of the A-pillar also look like they were ex-works. Here three metal sheets collide ominously. The 1.8-liter carburettor engine only celebrated its premiere in 1983 in the Audi 80. 'The easy-to-turn and elastic long-stroke engine accelerates the car, which weighs just 960 kilograms, almost playfully,' said the test by auto motor und sport at the time.

Unbelievable: This Audi 80 will soon be 30

Yes it does not yet want to start and then runs at too high an idle speed. A courageous kick with the accelerator brings it back down. These pre-computer-era cars, with no spark of electronics, have no secrets from a skilled driver. They are easy and inexpensive to maintain and repair.

Okay, the exhaust blows a bit, and sometimes a creaking noise and a resilient feeling when steering it. It's not the drive shafts, it's the left strut dome bearing , whose life of its own diminishes the driving pleasure. Nevertheless, the inconspicuous Audi is a pleasure, no one believes it will soon be thirty. Sure, a plush, older GLS would be even nicer, but at least the CL has a rev counter. Soon if he really gets going again, we will accompany him to the H license plate. The bottom line is that the 80 shouldn't cost more than 2,000 euros.


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