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Cheap car Renault Kwid: City SUV for India from 4,000 euros

Cheap car Renault Kwid
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A he Dacia brand is already a market for Renault hot iron in the fire. Now the French have stepped up again with the Kwid city SUV, which will initially be offered in India. While VW is still struggling with the cheap car, Renault is doing it. The Renault Kwid should be manufactured from the second half of 2015.

Renault Kwid comes as a five-seater

With a length of only 3.68 meters and a width of 1.58 meters, the Renault Kwid should be magnificent fit into the traffic in major Asian cities. A ground clearance of 18 cm should also allow a certain degree of freedom when choosing a route. In terms of design, the Kwid shows a certain relationship to the Dacia Duster. The waistline rises slightly towards the stern. The windshield is steep, the wheel arches are heavily modeled, angularly drawn and planked with black plastic. The front and rear also have black plastic panels. Large windows and the high seating position provide an overview. A roof spoiler conveys a touch of sportiness. The daytime running lights in C-shape ensure the clear allocation to the Renault brand.

Despite the small dimensions, the five-door car should offer space for five passengers. In the interior, passengers are pampered by digital displays, chrome-framed ventilation nozzles and applications in a piano lacquer look. Also on board is a multimedia navigation system with a 7-inch color touchscreen monitor, audio system and Bluetooth interface.

The technical platform for the Renault Kwid is provided by the CMF-A architecture developed jointly with Nissan Small car that is being used here for the first time. A 0.8 liter gasoline engine in conjunction with a manual five-speed gearbox should provide propulsion.

The Renault Kwid is to be offered in other markets as well as in India. Will the Kwid also come to Europe under the Dacia label? Renault is keeping a low profile. The Kwid would also trigger a new price round here.


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