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Changan / Chana - portrait of the Chinese car maker

Changan /Chana - Portrait of the Chinese car maker
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Today the company is one of the Top 5 Chinese automakers with a total annual production of 300,000 units.

The Changan model range

D he car model range includes the small car Benben /Benni, the minivan Jiexun /Joice, the 4.60 meter long Zhixiang /Z-Shine sedan and the top model Yuexiang /Alsvin, which is built under license from Mazda and is based on the Mazda 6. The Changan Star is also a 3.5 meter long microvan with space for up to five people in the model range. The entire Changan product range also includes the commercial van variants Star Light, Chana Star or Star Truck, as well as MPVs and minibuses for passenger transport such as the Chana CM8 or the Chana Star Light 4500. The Jiangling Landwind X6 and Jiangling Landwind X9 also roll off the conveyor belts of the Changan car.

Changan joint ventures with Ford and PSA

Changan has been working closely with Ford since 2001 and produces the Ford Mondeo and the Ford Focus for the Chinese market. On behalf of Ford, the Chinese have also been supplying engines for various Mazda models since 2005. From May 2010, Europe's second largest car manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroen also wants to set up a joint venture with Changan. Changan is to produce small and commercial vehicles for the PSA brands Peugeot and Citroen. So far PSA has only worked with Dongfeng Motor Corporation in China.


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