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Cars with the same name
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D he F-150 is the most important thing for Ford Car that the Americans have in their program. A bestseller in the USA for decades, Ford reliably earns good money with the pick-up. No wonder then that the Americans went to the ceiling when another manufacturer wanted to use the name “F150” (without a hyphen) for one of its models - even if it was only a Formula 1 car. Ferrari wanted to start the 2011 season with the F150 - and Ford promptly threatened legal consequences. So the Italians withdrew the name F150 and brought their Formula 1 racing car under the name “Ferrari 150 ° Italia”. Get started.

'F-150' - if someone messes with this model name, Ford will see red.

However, manufacturers often seem to have no problem when another manufacturer gives one of their models a name a few years later that seemed to have already been taken. There is also the Sierra from GMC, the Capri from Mercury and the Astra from Holden. And the Australian manufacturer Holden presented its Astra seven years before the appearance of the first Opel Astra.

Model names assigned three or four times

But we didn't just find duplicate names - some names seem to appear to be so tempting that three or even four manufacturers pounce on it. The '412' has apparently done the auto industry: VW, Ferrari, Moskvich and Bristol had a 412 in their range. Something is noticeable here that runs through the entire history of the duplication of names: The same model designation is often given to completely different vehicles. Sports cars, limousines, vans - everything is cheerfully mixed up.

Wikipedia /abramdaw
Holden Astra: It was there seven years before the Opel Astra.

The whole picture above we have put together an Aston Martin Rapide, a Lagonda Rapide and a Skoda Rapid Spaceback. The Renault Rapid didn't fit in anymore.

For example, we found triplets with the name “Nova”, which Chevrolet, Lada and Holden were keen on. Mercedes, Fiat and Rover used the beautiful number '600' for their models. And the lost Ford subsidiary Edsel was literally looted by other manufacturers in terms of model names.

All models from different manufacturers with the same name that we found are in our picture gallery. If you can think of any more, please let us know - then we will add the show.


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