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Cars, trucks, motorcycles at the Electric Vehicle Symposium

Electric cars, trucks, and motorcycles
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The P orsche Cayman e-volution we have you already presented. A sports coupé without a mid-engine, but with a 38 kWh battery and two electric motors and a system output of 462 hp. Porsche's research vehicle was just one of many at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 2017. The scientific congress took place from October 9th to 11th at the Stuttgart trade fair.

Manufacturers such as Porsche, Mercedes, Renault and Audi presented theirs electrified cars. In addition, well-known models such as the BMW i3 and i8, Tesla Model X and Aston Martin Rapide E joined the stands. However, exhibits from smaller companies or students are much more exciting at such exhibitions. Projects that were not created in the offices and halls of the major automotive players. Or projects that may still lead a shadowy existence in Germany, but are known for that in our neighboring countries.

Kyburz eRod: a purist with an electric drive

Do you know Kyburz? This is a Swiss company that makes electric vehicles. Passenger vehicles, delivery vehicles for the Swiss Post and commercial vehicles. And little fun machines like the eRod should be. A puristic sports car with a 17.3 kWh lithium iron sulfide battery, whose electric motor sends 45 kW or 62 hp and 140 Newton meters to the rear axle. The two-seater weighs only 600 kilograms including the battery and costs 47,000 euros assembled by Kyburz. For hobbyists, the eRod is also available in three kits. For 41,000 euros, buyers can build the e-runabout themselves.

Electrified taxis, motorcycles and scooters: e-mobility covers everything that moves people. Whether you like it or not: What was on the Electric Vehicle Symposium is probably our future. This presumably also includes electrified transporters and trucks, such as those manufactured by Emoss from the Netherlands. With different battery sizes and different power levels. 5.935 meters long, almost 7.5 tons in weight: this is the Fuso eCanter 7C16 e, a project by Daimler. Six batteries with 13.8 kWh each provide the light truck with the electricity it needs to travel over 100 kilometers.

Past meets future: This is how you can paraphrase the orange VW T2 that was shown at the congress. An electric van thatnot only absorbs energy, but also releases it again when required. You can find out this and more in our large photo show about the Electric Vehicle Symposium 2017.


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