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Cars for life VW Beetle 1200: 3 generations, 2 weddings, one Beetle

VW Beetle 1200 as cars for life
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Three generations, two weddings, one car. A beetle of course

E r lives in the back left corner. It's a bit cramped there, cool and only bright in summer when someone comes into the underground car park and the motion detector lights up the neon tubes. It hums softly above him, and the light falls coldly on his Icelandic green. But he feels comfortable there in the corner, number 15 is his place, and he is never there all alone. He is always kept company by the plastic man hanging on his inside mirror. It has long been faded and the Esso lettering above his chest can hardly be seen. But it always smiles, not only when someone brings fresh flowers for the vase in between.

In old age the VW Beetle 1200 cannot completely avoid messing

It is also fine because he is looked after, because he is not turned off and forgotten, but always present for those to whom he belongs and who belong to him. You pushed the box of an inkjet printer under him from the back because he can't avoid the mess as he gets older. The cardboard swallows its oily drops, and a large bag of a fashion chain has been attached to the open window shaft on the right with plenty of adhesive strips. So that it doesn't get so wet over the sheet metal .

Cord Seebaum knows the beetle For life

Cord Seebaum pushes him out of the corner, he doesn't dare to drive, it's too tight. Not that he would pamper the beetle, but whoever has known each other for as long as the two of them know what to look out for in the other. And Cord Seebaum has known this beetle all his life. With the bright singing of the fan wheel a smile comes to his face, with the look at the small luggage rack 'Ra-Bambus' the memory of how the father had mounted the shelf, and then he starts to talk about the right fender.

The VW Beetle 1200 preserves family history

'My mother went shopping with the three of us boys to Hameln. I still remember that we all got a balloon and we sat in with it At any rate, my mother overtook a tractor and got caught on the front right of the potato spinner that was pulling it behind her. That's why the one on the right is not a tubular fender from the fifties, but a VW part from the sixties.It's shaped a bit differently, but it would never have occurred to me to swap it during the restoration. 'This is how the Beetle also preserves family stories.

The elephant has belonged to the Beetle key since

The grandfather bought it in 1955 and gave it to his son for his wedding. He makes his first trip with his wife in 1956. They are going to the Baltic Sea When the father got a company car five years later, the mother took the beetle key. She hangs a small, silver elephant on it. It must have dangled in front of the thin legs of eight-year-old Cord when he made the first attempts at driving in the forest, and only the father with a quick grip on the handbrake saves him and the Beetle from the abyss. Shortly afterwards, Seebaum's brothers learn to drive accompanied by the elephant N ürburgring. It was my first long trip. '

The exchange engine in 1960 cost 495 marks, the installation 7.50 marks

He, Cord Seebaum, also drives his wife Sabine to the registry office in Iceland green. The Beetle had been in a barn for nine years in 1989. “This wedding ring,” says Cord Seebaum, “was put on my finger by my wife in this car.” He pulls his finger out of a bundle of documents and photos, for example document that in 1960 the exchange engine cost 495 marks and its installation cost 7.50 marks, and show how Seebaum allowed wax to run into the headlights of the fenders on New Year's Eve 2008. The car was dismantled down to the last screw , the Esso man hangs on the mirror again, finds the vase for the dashboard, and finally, in some drawer, the father discovers the silver elephant again. 'Of course, my life doesn't depend on this car,' says Cord Seebaum. ' But it is inseparable dam connected to it. '


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