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Carnival 2010 the best motif floats: The most beautiful carnival floats

Carnival 2010 the best motif wagons
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And now that too: We dare carnival - the most beautiful carnival floats of 2010 from Cologne, Mainz and well, also from Düsseldorf. Alaaf!

The black and yellow government coalition got its fat off the pomp and parody cars in Cologne, Düsseldorf and Mainz. For example, Chancellor Angela Merkel took over the instruction of the first graders on how to get into debt on 'Debt Debt Day' in Cologne. Merkel and her Vice Chancellor Guido Westerwelle played the lottery in Mainz to enable tax cuts.

Carnival float in Düsseldorf: Merkel naked

The Düsseldorf junkies presented a naked one almost traditionally Chancellor: Under the motto 'The Fall of Man', a rosy Angela Merkel in an Eva costume reached out to meet a tax evasion CD that was offered to her by a snake.

The dispute over the Mohammed cartoons was also raised by the Picked up from Düsseldorf: a severed fool's head turned out to be tough and bit a holy warrior in the buttocks.

Since the Düsseldorf carnival procession with 69 floats was under the motto 'Jeck we can', Barack Obama could not be missing. The Düsseldorfers presented him as a fallen savior who has lost his halo. The carnivalists in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital only made fun of the SPD: The new party chairman Sigmar Gabriel rode on the skeleton of a party horse and did not move. In Mainz, Gabriel was potted as a 'tender little plant'; his many predecessors were all quickly withered.

Carnival float in Cologne: Berlusconi carries out gay marriage

In Cologne bathed Silvio Berlusconi in a sea of ​​female breasts under the heading 'Berlusconi's G20 Summit'. Much more provocative, the Düsseldorfers: They showed the Italian Prime Minister with a Mafioso performing gay marriage.

The Cologne-based company had been working on their latest carnival car until the end, which addressed the latest revelations about the botched underground construction: A fat elephant sits on the ruins of the collapsed city archives from the problems, while the city, transport companies and experts - symbolized by three monkeys - hear, see and say nothing. Meanwhile, a thief steals the stabilizing iron brackets in the excavation.


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