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Carlex Design Ministeam: Germany's craziest Countryman

Carlex Design
Carlex Design Ministeam
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B on the subject of 'steampunk' you first have to digress a little. This art and lifestyle refers to the aestheticization of mechanics, comparable to the futuristic structures and machines in Jule Verne's novels. Wikipedia informs: 'On the one hand, modern and futuristic technical functions are linked with means and materials of the Victorian era, creating a clear retro look for the technology.'

Steampunk - retro technology and fashion style

So much explanation has been sent in advance to classify the project ministeam . It was carried out by the Leonberg-based company Carlex Design, which has made a name for itself above all with luxurious leather furnishings. However, the mini-team required a little more effort than conventional refurnishing.

The designers worked on the Mini Countryman for nine months before the mini-team was completed. The result should be seen as a work of art rather than an SUV. The detailed work is actually impressive, even from the outside. The rims were covered with copper, the body wrapped in matt black foil. Particularly individual: the roof of the ministeam was made of solid copper.

The ministeam roof made of solid copper

A huge sound system was installed in the hold, which was stowed under a glass cover. The cargo space is lined with fur and wood, which also covers the footwell of the ministeam. For the rest of the interior finishing, leather, copper and brass were mainly used, but with an impressive attention to detail. Not a square centimeter that has not been redesigned, even the roof is covered with leather, the wooden steering wheel decorated with inlays.

Of course, Carlex design boss Martin Waletzko is silent about the price of the commissioned work. In any case, the new owner can be sure to move an absolutely unique specimen, a replica would contradict the company's philosophy.

In our photo gallery we show the details of the extravagant steampunk SUV.


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