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Carbon fiber dress for Mercedes-AMG GT and GTS

Chrometec Mercedes-AMG GT
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C arbon is the material of the hour, no question about it. Chrometec's tuners have made several add-on parts out of the ultra-light material, which are supposed to give the Mercedes-AMG GT and Mercedes-AMG GT-S a plus through better aerodynamics and a plus in performance.

Flaps and spoilers made of carbon

First there is the radiator grille cover with a real carbon surface (750 euros ), followed by a four-part side fin set for lateral ventilation (850 euros). For the front spoiler lip including side flaps, Chrometec is calling for 2,400 euros. The fender flaps provided at the factory only for the special model Mercedes-AMG GT S Edition 1 are also available from Chrometec in real carbon for the 'normal' models - cost: 990 euros. The exterior mirrors are also made of carbon and cost 900 euros. The rear diffuser including the side diffuser attachments costs 1,890 euros.


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