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Caravan Salon 2018: Luxury motorhomes from 100,000 euros

Caravan Salon 2018
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F let's start at the very top, at Vario Mobil. In their 2019 model year, the focus is on the Perfect 1200 SH. The 25-ton, long three-axle vehicle leaves plenty of space for personal luxury on a 12-meter body.

Vario Mobil signature from 613,000 euros

Dishwasher, spacious bathroom with indirect lighting and mineral stone washbasin and a living area that has been enlarged by 80 centimeters thanks to Slide Out are just a few of the features. Satin white and walnut wood veneer from America predominate in the interior. In the bow there are four fully electrically movable pilot's chairs, above which the pull-down bed. At the other end of the garage there are e-bikes and - of course - a mini-convertible.

o The Morelo Palace 88 LB's sunbathing lawn entices with easy access to the pillows. In front of it, the bathroom opens up.

In lengths between 8.23 ​​and 9.49 meters and 2.40 to 2.50 meters Morelo opens up: Noble materials, leather seats, heavy artificial stone and then flaps and drawers that fall into the lock. There is a choice of four different table tops, as well as new upholstery colors and a second, lighter wood decor (Aralie). The 42 centimeter high heated double floor not only offers a lot of storage space, but also large tanks: the fresh water reservoir holds 380 liters, and the waste water and holding tank each have 250 liters. For the on-board electronics, Morelo is switching to high-quality components from Büttner Elektronik.

Would you like to see all the new products from the Caravan Salon 2018? The colleagues from promobil have collected all the new products here.


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