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Caravan Salon 2017: The camping bus highlights

Jacek Bilski
Caravan Salon 2017
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K ompact, manoeuvrable and equipped with everything you need for camping needs - camping buses are all the rage. This is also shown by the sales figures, which are increasing from year to year. The popular new models VW California and the Mercedes V-Class as Marco Polo have certainly made their contribution to the boom here in the past.

Mercedes and VW with campervan innovations

The latter is available as a Horizon in addition to various edition models and is being exhibited for the first time in Düsseldorf. It will be the bridge between the noble variant and the activity variant and will place the flexible activity expansion with manual sleeping roof, folding table and wide sleeping bench in the noble V-Class. Cost: 52,051 euros.

As a further highlight, Volkswagen is bringing a California in XXL format to the Caravan Salon with the Crafter. Initially referred to as a study, it is six meters long and two meters wide, as well as a high roof for plenty of space, including headroom in the living area. A seating group is located in front of the bed, and front seats that can be rotated by 180 degrees expand the living area. The kitchen, including a refrigerator and two-burner stove, protrudes slightly into the opening of the sliding door. The wet cell with shower and toilet can be pulled out - this leaves more space in the living area.

Dieter S. Heinz
The Corado Vlow 600: The camper van is available in four layouts, from 38,799 euros

New in the camper segment is the manufacturer Carado with the Vlow model. Carado is offering the model in four layouts between 5.41 and 6.36 meters from EUR 38,799. A lamellar sliding door separates the bathroom from the living area, the seating area with half dinette is the same in all layoutsbig.

Karmann is showing two new Dexter models based on Ducato in Düsselorf. The 595 has a fold-down bed that is placed lengthways under the roof. It can be lowered electrically in three stages. The new entry-level model at Karmann is the Dexter 540 Trend. The 5.41-meter-long body has the standard transverse bed layout.

In our photo show we show you all the camper van highlights from the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, with the kind support of our colleagues from www.promobil.de, who work in a big one Special have put together even more innovations for the Caravan Salon . At the start of the fair, they will also be reporting live on site about the latest camping trends.


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