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Car year 2010: all new items for the second half of 2010

Car year 2010 - Audi A1, VW Passat, Mercedes CLS
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New items 2010: small and compact cars

D he Audi A1 should be the new premium star in the small car sky. Especially in the interior, Audi promises outstanding quality in this class, high-quality equipment as well as numerous high-tech and luxury extras that do not make the switch to a more compact format appear to be foregoing. Quasi downsizing for higher earners who can already order the new Audi A1 from 15,800 euros. Similar to the VW Polo, on which the A1 is based, the small Audi is also crowned with a sporty top version in the form of the S1. A 1.4-liter TFSI with a good 200 hp under the hood can be expected here towards the end of the year. Also in 2010, Audi will give a first look at the four-door Sportback variant, which will be delivered from spring 2011.

The Suzuki Swift, which will have an extensive facelift from the middle of the year, will also bring fresh momentum to the small classes and the Mini, which is again subtly polished up. The Smart Fortwo will also be slightly revised from late summer. As early as the middle of the year, Opel will be providing the Astra with the Sport Tourer station wagon.

Sedans and station wagons - the new products of the year

Attractive new products are also lurking in the middle class. At the turn of the year, VW brings the long-running Passat in a new family look. In contrast to some of its competitors, the Passat remains far from the five-meter mark in length and, at 4.77 meters, is based exactly on the dimensions of its predecessor. The chassis will be completely revised as part of the model change - thanks to the decoupled rear axle, the Passat should be significantly more agile to drive and offer better noise comfort. Dynaudio's sound system comes from the Golf, and new options include laser-assisted adaptive cruise control, reversing camera, lane departure warning and high beam assistant, as well as permanent driving lights.

VW is not implementing its downsizing strategy as consistently as originally planned: The 3.6-liter V6 remains in the range at least for some markets, because a six-cylinder is indispensable in the USA in particular. He took over the two-liter gasoline engine with 210 hp from the Golf GTI, including the TSI engines with 122 to 160 hp. The diesel range initially extends from 105 to 170 hp, later up to the 204 hp biturbo. The Passat remains a typical representative of the middle class, albeitwith top-class technology.

The new Volvo S60 will be launched in early summer in a more progressive manner. Touted as the sportiest Volvo of all time, customers can choose from eight engines from 115 to 304 hp. The prices start with the 150 PS version at 27,000 euros and range up to 44,900 euros as the base price for the S60 T6 AWD Geartronic top model.

The new off-road vehicles 2010

SUV enthusiasts can look forward to the revised BMW X3 in mid-2010. This increases in size slightly. In the interior, the Bavarian should be significantly more valuable and take over elements from the BMW X5. The revised range of engines from the other series will find its way under the bonnet. Land Rover also wants to contribute a new SUV contribution, at least as measured by the premiere date at the Paris Motor Show in 2010. The LRX study will enrich the British model range as a small Range Rover. The off-road vehicle will probably only go on sale at the beginning of 2011.

What's coming in the luxury class segment in 2010?

Something is moving also in the luxury class in the second half of the year. With the new Audi A8, the Ingolstadt-based company has already set an example, which the Paris Motor Show but a second will follow with the A7 presentation. The four-door coupe will not go on sale until 2011, however. The same applies to the competitor Mercedes CLS. Those who like real coupés will still be served in 2010 with the new Mercedes S-Class Coupé. Like the CLS and, from late summer 2010, the S-Class, the Mercedes CL successor will carry the new Mercedes V6 and V8 engines under the hood, which have 252, 306 and in the case of the 4.6-liter Bring turbo to 435 hp. The 5.5-liter top version even develops 544 hp. There is no prestigious V12 like in the 480 hp Aston Martin Rapide, but more power.


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