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Car train to Sylt: rail monopoly on the brink

Car train to Sylt
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S o the prerequisites are to be created so that competition can arise on the Hindenburgdamm on Sylt. That was decided on Thursday (January 13th) by the Higher Administrative Court (OVG) in Münster.

Bahn must publish terms of use

It thus confirmed the opinion of the Federal Network Agency in Bonn and the Cologne Administrative Court. The Federal Network Agency oversees competition in the rail network. The island of Sylt can only be reached by car drivers via the Hindenburgdamm. The cars are loaded in the coastal town of Niebüll and the island town of Westerland.

However, the court has not yet ruled whether the railway will actually have to tolerate competitors with car commuter trains. It should initially only publish terms of use. Whether shared use of the service facilities is possible is currently open and may have to be clarified in a subordinate process, said a spokesman for the decision. The decision of the OVG is final (file number: 13 B 1818/10).


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