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Car theft statistics 2014: The most stolen cars in Germany

Auto-theft statistics 2014
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Car thefts will decrease in 2014

N According to the German Insurance Association (GDV), a vehicle was stolen every 30 minutes last year - a total of 17,895 cars (minus 4.8%). Correspondingly, the insurance companies had to pay compensation in the amount of a good 350 million euros.

But which cars are the focus of car thieves? The common denominator is quickly found: Land Rover, German premium models, all-wheel drive, lots of power, diesel. The Range Rover with the three-liter turbodiesel and an average steal rate of 57.4 models per 1,000 insured cars is particularly popular. This is followed by, for example, BMW X5, Audi S5, VW T5, BMW M3 Evoque and Audi Q7. Even 'exotic' cars like Toyota GT86 or Toyota Prius, Lexus CT 200h or Peugeot 508 are among the top 30 most stolen cars in Germany in 2014.

Most cars are stolen in Berlin

But the GDV statistics show other interesting data. In absolute numbers, VW (5,308 stolen cars) is ahead of Audi (2,940) and BMW (2,556). In terms of damage frequency per 1,000 cars, Land Rover tops the list with 4.5, ahead of Audi with 1.2 and BMW with 0.8. And where is a lot of things being stolen? In Berlin, almost 3,500 cars disappeared here last year - car owners can feel particularly safe in Bavaria, where 'only' 800 cars were stolen.


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