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Car sharing in everyday life: The happiness of not owning

Car sharing in everyday life
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E ine precision landing, at least as far as the numbers are concerned: Heiko Bielinski is satisfied with his balance sheet. The first year without my own car is almost over and it couldn't have been better. The man from Munich drove almost 3,000 kilometers more than planned last year, and a two-week trip to Sweden was not actually included in the calculation. The fact that he still didn’t pay more is mainly made possible by the mobility mix, says the family man. If nothing unexpected comes in between, he has spent a total of only 4,083 euros on car sharing, long-distance bus and train tickets in twelve months - his car would have cost him around 4,170 euros including insurance, tax, fuel and workshop costs and the depreciation.

Carsharing is booming

The platforms that Making life possible without your own car are called Autonetzer, Car2go or Stadtmobil - and are booming. At the beginning of 2014, the Federal Carsharing Association determined around 750,000 registered members with a total of more than 150 car sharing providers in Germany - an increase of two thirds compared to the previous year. Heiko Bielinski took a close look at the market providers on his blog bielinski.de before selling the family station wagon. With the price calculators on the websites of the various providers, he calculated generously: When is which model worthwhile? How much does the small car cost for shopping - and how much does the large car cost for a family vacation?

Tim Zander from Stuttgart opted for the opposite variant: The 37-year-old test engineer shares his own car, a spacious one Citroën Berlingo, through a private car sharing platform. He was particularly impressed by a statistic according to which German cars stand around unused for an average of 23 hours a day. Since May, other people have been able to borrow Zander's cars via autonetzer.de, a certain percentage of the fee goes to the company, he as the owner receives around 20 euros an hour.

Autonetzer is the largest according to his own statements Platform for private car sharing in Germany and is a thorn in the side of professional providers. According to a study byManagement consultancy Roland Berger, every second car owner from industrialized countries would be willing to share his car with others. Tim Zander has rented his car 13 times and earned around 400 euros. His car is often rented for short periods of time, for example for moving.

Not only the car can be shared

Don't waste resources

Luka Alagiyawanna also wants to do something for the community. For the 24-year-old student and photographer, the main thing is not to waste resources. That is why she is active as a 'food saver'. The food savers organize themselves over the Internet, voluntarily and flexibly they pick up leftover groceries from markets, small businesses and bakeries. It is not just about taking care of yourself - the food is passed on to other people via so-called 'fair dividers', fixed supply points or public refrigerators.

Because vegetables and fruit are out of the box even with small defects If regular trade falls, the Foodsavers often collect more food than can be redistributed. Luka Alagiyawanna also supplies neighbors with the rescued groceries in her home town of Berlin and regularly invites friends to eat - something that she would otherwise not be able to afford. She thinks it's great how she gets to know people in this way and can make them happy.

Share an apartment and get to know people

The fact that sharing brings people together is also true for Berlin-based Zaki Omarand their families the reason to share property. They not only use car sharing, they also allow strangers to live with them for a few days or weeks in their apartment in Prenzlauer Berg.

The private housing agency platform Airbnb originally comes from the USA, but has long been global active. All over the world, people rent out accommodation - empty rooms in their own homes because the children have moved out, guest rooms or holiday apartments. There are already 35,000 accommodations in Germany, 15,000 in Berlin alone. Airbnb collects a fee for rentals, for which landlords can, for example, have their apartment professionally photographed. The income of the landlords is subject to income tax and the rentals are associated with a comparatively high amount of effort.

Nevertheless, many guests appreciate the private atmosphere or that, as with host Zaki Omar, they also have a real kitchen and washing machine. Your guests can choose the Omars, especially in the tourist-heavy summer months; People who don't suit them reject them. They especially like taking in guests with children because of their own daughter.

The right car for every situation

Regardless of whether the sharing takes place in the professional or private sector: It changes everyday life. When Heiko Bielinski and his family decided to do without their own car, friends in particular were worried. They doubted: will you still be flexible at all? Can you still come to IKEA spontaneously? Bielinski checked regularly at the beginning just for fun - one car would have been free every time.

He enjoys being able to choose the right vehicle for every undertaking. The experiment was a success: as long as they continue to live in a well-developed city like Munich, the Bielinskis want to do without their own car. Not because they couldn't afford it, but because doing without it can also be a luxury.


Less is sometimes more. Private initiatives are booming, even if the effort is sometimes high

Having your own car pays off with an annual mileage of more than 10,000 kilometers. That is why people in large cities in particular are starting to share cars - and certainly on a private basis. For example, over 10,000 cars across Germany can be found on autonetzer.de and the community has over 75,000 members. Membership is free, rental prices start at eight euros for four hours plus fees.


Food in the trash was yesterday, today it is collected and shared.

If you have a full fridge before your holiday, you will find buyers on the Internet.

Food sharing takes place throw away isThe motto of foodsharing.de, a kind of digital swap forum for groceries, which also appears in real life, for example when it comes to picking abandoned apples from orchards in Potsdam. There is enough work: On average, Germans throw 80 kilos of groceries in the trash every year, 30 percent of it unopened.

Car sharing provider Overview

Station-independent offers have around 450,000 users

Drive Now

This is where BMW and Sixt cooperate, the fleet includes BMW 1 Series, X1, ActiveE and Mini models. Drive Now is available in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Vienna, London and San Francisco. The one-time registration is 29 euros, one minute costs from 0.31 euros, 500 minutes in the package 135 euros.


Is operated by Mercedes and has Smart Fortwo in its fleet. Car2go is operated in 14 European cities. The one-time registration costs 19 euros, and the minute starts at 0.29 euros. With Car2go Black (14.90 euros per hour, 0.29 euros per kilometer) you can rent a B-Class and drive from city to city with it.


Operates throughout Germany, from 2015 also in cooperation with Car2go. The operator is Deutsche Bahn, and the fleet includes models such as Citroën DS3, Ford Fiesta, Opel Astra, VW Golf and Mercedes C-Class. If you are a Bahncard customer, you don't have to pay a registration fee (otherwise 50 euros), price per kilometer from 0.18 euros.

Book -n-Drive

Operates in the Rhine-Main area and offers cars from the small Seat Mii to nine-seat buses or vans. Kilometer prices from 0.16 cents if you choose the special comfort package. Works at a specific station and also offers touring cars for a vacation trip.


Over 3,500 cars in more than 140 cities , 40 different models from the VW Up to the Mercedes Sprinter. Different tariff offers, km from 0.16 euros per minute.


Is the car sharing VW platform in Hanover and includes a vehicle fleet from Up to Sharan. One minute from 0.20 euros, Quicar Plus operated by Euromobil also offers rental periods from 24 hours and van models.

Share apartment

For 40 euros in Britta's old apartment in the city

In Berlin alone there are 15,000 accommodations, in Germany there are 35,000.

'Welcome home' is how the Airbnb housing agency welcomes its Internet visitors and offers accommodation in 190 countries. TheThe agency portal is open to guests and hosts and also makes it possible to find private accommodation in a noble chalet or a real villa for little money. Some people find themselves in the holiday mood just looking for them.

... and what else we share

From the parking lot to tools to the navigation system


Here there is really everything: from books, films, garden accessories to navigation devices (Becker Traffic Assist per Z302 from twelve euros per week) or a Thule roof rack system from seven euros per day. The baby or dog trailer for the bike even comes with a rental fee of just two euros per day.

Clothing circle

Clothing Swap, sell and give away - the musty second-hand shops of the 80s have become ultra-modern, much-frequented swap sites on the Internet, through which you can also sell home-made items and accessories.


Boats are moved an average of 14 days a year - the idea of ​​boat sharing has now emerged in the USA. Good for the next vacation trip.

Repair Cafe

Here you share worries and competence. Toasters, sweaters, children's toys or bicycles are repaired together. The idea works worldwide and also includes electronics and IT. It could also be of interest to car hobbyists.


Sharing parking spaces is likely to be the next big trend , because cities are increasingly complaining about the large amount of parking space they have to provide - this amounts to 30 percent of the space in the city. Many private parking spaces, on the other hand, are free during the day. Just Park or Park at my House are internet-based platforms on which you can offer or search for parking spaces.


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