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Car registration: The most popular company cars in Germany

Car registration 1st half of 2011
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E in view of the statistics also reveals a special one Reason for these top placements. The proportion of commercial registrations is extremely high for these models such as the Audi A8, BMW 7 Series or VW Phaeton.

Audi A8 with 92.7 percent commercial owners

The Audi A8 the rate is 92.7 percent - this puts the luxury liner in 19th place in our Top 50. One place behind is the 7 Series from BMW with a share of 92.4 percent. The Mercedes S-Class (88 percent) and the Audi A6 (86.7 percent) follow a little behind.

VW Passat, Ford Focus and BMW 5 Series - the three top company cars

The largest fleet of commercially registered models, however, is the VW Passat. Of the 53,683 newly registered models in the first half of 2011, almost 47,000 VW Passat are registered with companies. Number two among company cars is the BMW 3 Series. In the first half of the year, 31,672 models were registered for the first time - 79.8 percent of these were new commercial registrations. The third in the group in terms of volume approval is the BMW 5 Series. 82.0 percent of the 31,026 new 5 Series have a company as a holder in the vehicle registration.

New models with 100 percent quota

A total of 15 models even make it to 100 in 2011 Percent for commercial registrations, including the newly launched models Audi Q3, Opel Ampera, or Lamborghini Aventador, as well as Aston Martin Virage.


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