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Car parade to the World Cup: & # 34; Schlaaand & # 34; - this is how Germany celebrates itself

Markus Stier
Car parade for the soccer World Cup
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Administrative offenses in the parade - who cares?

M sometimes much to the chagrin of residents and the police. For example, after the German quarter-final victory over Argentina, she suddenly had a heavy truck in the car parade in Tuttlingen, Baden-W├╝rttemberg. Its driver steered his 28-ton vehicle between honking motorists and flag-waving fans. Around 30 people celebrated on beer benches on the back of the heavy truck.

When the police noticed the party truck, the officers ended the dangerous football festival. Because even the car parade is not a legal vacuum. The car clubs and the police point this out with their forefingers raised - but no one cares, because we also point back with our forefingers and shout 'Schlaaaand!'

But if the law enforcement officers are serious, then it could it can get quite expensive in the car parade.

Because car parade sins cost that:

- Repeated driving back and forth: can be assessed as an administrative offense and punished with a fine of up to 20 euros.
- Unmotivated honking: Strictly speaking, it is also an administrative offense to use the flasher or hazard warning lights. Warning fines between five and ten euros can be imposed.
- Small safety margin: if this leads to an accident, a warning fee of 35 euros may be due, among other things.
- Seat belt compulsory: also applies in the car parade. Those who are not buckled up and lean too far out of the window face a fine of 30 euros. Children traveling with you in particular should be secured - otherwise there is a risk of a fine of 40 euros and a point in Flensburg. If there are too many people in a convertible, for example, up to 80 euros and three points are possible in Flensburg.
- Fan scarves and flags: waving them or attaching them to the car is generally allowed as long as the fan votaries do not obstruct the view. Otherwise, a fine of ten euros is possible.
- Drinking and driving: is always taboo. Drivers are liable to prosecution if they are drunk in traffic or if they make a driving error or if they show so-called failure symptoms if their blood alcohol level is as low as 0.3 per mille. If there is no failure, there is a risk of fines from 500 euros and a driving ban from 0.5 per mille at the wheel - in addition to points in Flensburg. From 1.1 per mille, the driver's license is always withdrawn and has toA new application can be made for the expiry of a blocking period.

By the way: Here you will find all information and tips about driving licenses


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