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Car label: new labeling for efficient cars

Ingo Heine
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S e since December 1, 2011, all new cars that are for sale or offered for leasing will be marked with the new car label. The label uses a color and letter scale to provide information about the efficiency and economy of a vehicle.

The new cars are assigned to a colored efficiency scale, as consumers already know from the labeling of household appliances, for example. The best new vehicles receive an A-rating, which is shown with a green arrow; the worst are in category G, marked with a red arrow. When classifying a car, its CO2 emissions are related to its weight. In this way, customers can directly compare vehicles in a segment, such as small cars or station wagons.

In addition, the new passenger car label indicates the fuel costs for a distance of 20,000 kilometers and the amount of CO2-based vehicle costs. Tax per year. That gives a better impression of the energy costs to be expected than the mere indication of the average gasoline or diesel consumption. But the label also lists this value, as well as the absolute CO2 emissions.
The new label provides customers with a high level of transparency: With the help of the standardized, intuitively understandable color scale, they can now immediately see how energy-efficient their dream vehicle is is. The indication of the average consumption costs is also a valuable decision-making aid for customers - it protects them from unpleasant surprises at the petrol station.

At www.pkw-label.de consumers, dealers and manufacturers can find out all about the efficiency label. The information platform is an initiative of the German Energy Agency GmbH (dena) and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).


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