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Car insurance is becoming significantly more expensive

Motor vehicle insurance - discount battle apparently over
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V Between 2005 and 2009, motor vehicle liability policies had fallen by an average of almost a quarter. The discount battle even ensured that the motor vehicle insurers made a loss of 700 million euros in 2009.

In some cases, the tariffs doubled

In the test for auto motor und sport determined Check24.de in the case of a 41-year-old employee in Frankfurt am Main who wants to register a Corsa for the first time, partly a doubling of the policies, especially with formerly cheap direct insurers. Including a comprehensive insurance with personal contribution, the annual premium for Direct-Line increased by 115 percent from 278.88 euros to 600.40 euros. At Ineas, the costs for the same contract rose 42 percent to 553.81 euros. The HUK 24 was able to keep the contribution stable with an increase of only 4.1 percent.

No insurance policy was cheaper

Ineas also caught the eye of the Golf 1.4, BMW 3-series and Mercedes E-Class models with sharp price increases. Incidentally, no policy was cheaper in the test. 'Some will no longer take part in the price war and prefer to forego the business in favor of profitability', announced HUK-Coburg board member Klaus-Jürgen Heitmann price increases. 'In the course of the year the tariffs are increased regularly. What matters is what happens in autumn with a view to the next turn of the year,' said Rainer Brune, Axa board member for the private customer business auto motor und sport. Check24.de doubts whether there will be another discount battle like in previous years at the turn of the year. 'There have always been price increases,' confirms Check24.de spokesman Daniel Friedheim. 'But such a high increase since the beginning of the year is new.'

Eduard Thometzek, CEO of the Zurich Group Germany, sees the increases as the right signal: 'With an average combined ratio of over 110 in the market Percentage some insurers add ten cents or more for every euro they take in. That cannot be sustained in the long run. '


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