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Car insurance guide: which accessories are insured?

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H is common But this is necessary, because subsequently installed accessories are not always fully covered by the motor vehicle policies.

Scope of insurance are different

The HUK Coburg, for example, is very generous and offers protection all optional equipment. With Sparkassen DirectVersicherung, on the other hand, customers only get reimbursement of EUR 1,000 after theft or a self-inflicted accident in the comprehensive insurance area - this applies to the so-called basic car tariff. If you choose the AutoPlusProtect premium tariff, conversions are covered up to EUR 10,000. Hence the tip: If you want to upgrade your car, you shouldn't save on insurance. Although the contract with the higher allowances is more expensive, the additional costs are usually only between 15-20%. Pay attention to the fine print in the contracts.

Insurance companies accept street-legal accessories

Important is which parts of the chassis, engine, interior and body are covered. Most insurance conditions provide information on this. If there is any ambiguity, you should have the insurance company confirm in writing what is covered in the event of a claim and, above all, to what extent. The red pen is used especially with mobile navigation systems. That is why it is best to work out all the optional extras together with your insurance company on the basis of receipts. In this way, a shortfall can be quickly identified and reinsured. Important: The insurance companies only accept accessories and conversions that the legislature has approved for the road. The premium surcharge is usually not expensive. Nobody has to fear that. This is definitely still cheaper than paying for the accessories out of your own pocket after an accident.


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