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Car insurance comparison: change insurance - around € 600 hourly wage

Matthias Seeburger
Car insurance comparison
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D he advertising cannot be missed at the moment, they are intrusive Comparison portals such as check24, verivox, finanzscout24 and the direct insurers or online providers such as the WGV insurance group with maximum amounts. Advertising and its promises, you know that and as an experienced consumer you are skeptical. Anyone who lures me with savings potential only wants my best: my money. As the owner of three vehicles and a car editor, I decide to get to the bottom of this. And don't stop being amazed.

Pay attention not only to the contributions, also to the services

I looked for the best conditions for my cars at several comparison portals - and saved several hundred euros. The prerequisite was the extended insurance cover for marten damage including consequential damage, extended game damage cover, gross negligence and, if requested, discount protection. When comparing, one should pay attention to the amounts insured - a lump sum of 100 million euros and 15 million euros per injured person for personal injury. In many comparison portals, only these are taken into account anyway.

The data is entered quickly, you should have the driver's license, vehicle registration document and the contract documents of the current vehicle insurance ready, data entry then only takes a few minutes. The annual public transport ticket, the own home with garages for both cars, membership of the automobile club, three children in the household - or better: three children WITHOUT a driver's license - and the fact that I am a motorcycle owner and driver are beneficial for me /p>

After a short wait, the portals list the tariffs - and I'm amazed.

Two thirds of car insurance premiums saved

Instead of 388, From next year I will only pay 74 euros for my VW T4 Multivan - liability plus partial coverage (150 euros) mind you. And for the second car, a Volvo 850, instead of 279.57, only 252.46 euros are due in the future - not exactly great, but at least. But wait, the main user is my wife - two clicks back, ticked the box - and saved again: In the end, I end up with 209.29 euros for the great Swede - more than 70 euros less. So saved around a third on both cars.

After around 30 minutes, I have two new contracts and will save from then onnext year 189.45 euros. By the way, my future insurances run with well-known and well-known insurance companies, one should pay attention to this and preferably the name of the company in combination with the terms 'problems', 'anger', 'never again' or similar Googling.

Important: Now don't forget to cancel: I'll get the sample letter with me, I'll be happy to pay the postage for registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt. I save another 5 euros a year because I don't have the contract documents sent to me. Three days later I have the confirmation of the termination in the mailbox.

The Gulf shoots the bird

After telling my parents about the savings potential, I sat in front of the computer yesterday evening - with the receiver to my ear. My mother gives me the data from the VW Golf Plus. The 170 PS version with DSG has so far cost an impressive 617.52 euros insurance - liability plus partial coverage. After 10 minutes the surprise: The new offer is only 263.68 euros - 353.84 euros cheaper. That is almost 60% less than before!

The insurance benefits are even better than with the old policy and now also include discount protection. The bottom line is around an hour of time and a total saving of 543.29 euros.

My children can now look forward to it, Grandma has promised that the Christmas presents will be a little bigger. And I can insure the Youngtimer next year with the money I have saved - for my 1987 Opel Omega A, the offers ranged from 44.36 euros to 227.44 euros for seasonal registration from May to June.

Be quick and save a lot of money

Until November 30th. you can cancel your car insurance without giving a reason. In the event of a premium increase, the insured person has a special right of termination with a notice period of 4 weeks.


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