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Motor vehicle insurers are reducing prices by up to 3%

Good news for drivers: motor vehicle insurance should become cheaper - by around three percent, experts estimate. However, this only applies to new customers. But what about those drivers who are willing to switch, who can terminate their contracts every year on November 30 without giving reasons and go to another insurance company? It will also be cheaper for them, as a random sample from us shows - here the savings also reach up to 3%.

8 million people willing to change looking for cheaper car insurance

In This year, many motorists could even make a switch, as market observers from YouGov found in a study. According to this, almost 8 million vehicle owners should be flirting with a new car insurance policy if the price and performance of the contracts are right.

This is exactly where our large car insurance tariff comparison starts. It shows you not only the cheapest policies for seven typical car driver profiles, but also those that are characterized by their performance - these tariffs are marked in green in the following overviews. That should help you to find a good policy in the confusing offer - and one that is also cheap.

If you try it on your own, you quickly lose track of it. There are now several hundred tariffs from car insurance companies, and whoever takes the wrong offer is not just giving away a few euros. In the worst case, it can be up to 1,230 euros, the Institute for Insurance Industry found out in a study commissioned by Direct Line.

It's not just the price that counts - the services too

So it's important to keep your eyes open when searching! In addition to the price, the car insurance benefits also deserve a look. Many tariffs are only cheap because their scope of services has been cut. A popular waiver of benefits is a limited reimbursement for animal damage. In addition, there is still an objection in the case of gross negligence, which in some companies includes, for example, a CD change while driving or fatigue at the wheel.

The insurance companies are also very happy to redeploy when it comes to replacement value compensation in the comprehensive insurance area at. If the vehicle is stolen or if it is total loss in a crash, the customer occasionally only gets the first oneThe new price will be reimbursed for six months. Many motor insurance companies have extended this protection to twelve months - in good contracts it even extends to 24 months.

The so-called soft tariff criteria also have a major influence on the costs of motor insurance. They are nothing more than discounts and should be used with insurance companies. Because the annual fee can be reduced by up to two thirds with the possible discounts.

Take advantage of all discounts from home ownership to BahnCard

Standards in motor vehicle insurance are already discounts for owners of apartments, houses and garages, Bahncard holders or for those who have completed a safety training course. On top of that, mileage, age of the vehicle and the owner as well as a limited group of users all play a role. In plain language this means: New car buyers between 25 and 70 years of age, single, with a mileage of less than 10,000 kilometers per year receive the best conditions.

November 30 is the big deadline for motor insurers: On this very date, many motorists in Germany who pay their policies on January 1st can cancel their contract without giving a reason ( see also 'Change car insurance correctly' ). During this time, companies are increasingly trying to get consumers to switch insurance. But you don't always have to change to save costs. Frequently, your own insurance company grants discounts of up to 15% on existing policies for customers who are willing to change.

In our picture gallery, we show which services belong in a good motor vehicle insurance. v-A_-headline v-A_-headline__article - beta '> Motor vehicle insurance - 5 comparison offers

The detailed comparison offers for the 5 sample offers for motor vehicle insurance can be downloaded from our PDF.

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