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Car films: inexpensive foiling instead of expensive painting

Dino Eisele
Car films - trends for vehicles
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T rends come and go - in fashion as well in the automotive industry. But while you can get new clothes quickly and cheaply and play with colors, this is not so easy with vehicles. Anyone who wants to change something needs either accessories or an expensive paint job. The latter in particular can now be changed more easily and cheaply. So-called car films offer a remedy. Now they can keep up with car paints in terms of quality and are versatile.

Car films in lots of colors

'A few years ago there were only a few colors, now the variety is significantly greater,' says Burhan Kotel, Managing Director of Car-Cocooning in Ostfildern near Stuttgart . The best proof of this is the Audi A1, which the specialist covered with matt brown and gold car film during the photo shoot. This makes the Audi look good to nibble on. It is hardly surprising that Kotel calls his work the 'Praline Edition'. At Audi, the car rolled off the assembly line in black a few weeks ago.

After the car film has been wrapped, nothing can be seen of it - from the outside and inside. Because the door entrances have also been foiled. Car cocooning on the bonnet and roof shows what is possible with the material. Before it is the turn of the chocolate-colored car film, flower patterns are glued. They will later appear under the vehicle film. Of course, this laborious work has its price. All in all, the 'Praliné Edition' costs 3,500 euros.

Car film lasts seven to ten years

'However, customers have to reckon with around 8,000 euros for a comparable paint job with all preparatory and finishing work,' says Kotel. In contrast to painting, there are only a few or no parts on the vehicle that need to be removed and removed, so two employees need around 25 hours for a complete sticker. Another advantage: the film can be removed again without damaging the car paint.

'We have customers who come once a year and treat themselves to a new paint for 2,000 euros,' says Burhan Kotel. Not all of the advantages are listed here. The film should also be less susceptible to stone chips than the car paint. On top of that, it can be polished and is suitable for washing machines. The product is also impressive in terms of durability. Only after seven to ten years does the color begin to fade or the adhesive begins to lose its adhesionlose.

Repairs to the car film are quite cheap

If the car film is damaged, it can be repaired with little effort. That should cost around 120 euros. The number of companies that offer foiling is currently growing in Germany. If you are looking for companies in your area, you can do research online under the keywords paint film, vehicle coatings or car films Find. The costs are likely to be in the same range as car cocooning. Foiling costs between 1,300 and 3,500 euros.


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