Car design - a portrait of Ian Callum

A portrait of Ian Callum
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T he name Callum is a big name in the designer scene: Not only because Ian Callum has been part of this scene for 30 years, but also because his brother Moray Callum is currently a successful car designer as head of styling at Ford USA.

Ian Callum has been Head of Design at Jaguar since 1999

Ian Callum was born on July 30, 1954 in Dumfries /Scotland and began his career with a design degree at the Glasgow School of Art, before doing his Masters at the Royal College of Art in London. From 1979 to 1988 he also worked for Ford and worked in studios in England, the USA, Germany, Japan and Australia. His breakthrough came as head of design at TWR, where he carried out third-party developments and designed the shape of the Aston Martin models DB7, Vanquish and Vantage, among other things.

In 1999, Ian Callum got the post of Jaguar head of design and led the English luxury brand made a radical design change. The current models from XK, XF and especially the XJ have little in common with their predecessors. Ian Callum's job is to appeal to a younger clientele with much more modern interpretations. The XJ has a state-of-the-art multimedia system that is intended to please new customers of the Indian Jaguar owner Tata. Ian Callum received the Jim Clark Memorial Awards for his work.


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