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Car demand from China: car manufacturers threaten new overcapacities

Car demand from China
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I Within the next five years, China could have a capacity overhang of more than A quarter of those surveyed in a study by the auditing and consulting company KPMG believe that 20 percent will arise. 200 car managers from manufacturers, suppliers and dealers worldwide took part in the survey published on Thursday.

Still overcapacities in North America, Japan and Germany

With the strong development and expansion of According to KPMG auto expert Dieter Becker, manufacturers are automatically curtailing their export opportunities for plants in China, but also in India and Brazil. It would no longer work out that stagnating demand on the established markets could be offset by exporting vehicles. Especially since there is still overcapacity in North America, but also in Japan and Germany.

According to experts, the industry is facing a change due to the trend towards electrification of the drive. The car business will also be interesting for energy providers and IT companies. In the established markets in particular, manufacturers would have to be prepared to offer more mobility services in the future. In the words of auto expert Becker, the carmakers should primarily take care of direct contact with customers: 'For example, by coordinating different mobility offers and services while giving their own vehicles a key role.'

In this Pilot projects such as Daimler's “Car2Go” or the “Mu” rental program from Peugeot point the way. BMW has also launched a program in which the customer can choose from convertibles to off-road vehicles, depending on the application.


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