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Car Connectivity Consortium: Smartphone as a car key

Car Connectivity Consortium
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N users from car sharing already know it. Instead of using a key, they can not only reserve the car they have rented using a smartphone app, but also use it to unlock the car. The familiar button on the dashboard is used to start the engine.

One of the declared goals of the Car Connectivity Consortium is to replace the car key with software on the ubiquitous smartphone. This is a global association of automakers, suppliers and technology companies. The organization has over 75 members, including the iPhone manufacturer Apple. The MirrorLink standard, with which phone content can be mirrored on the user interface of an infotainment system in the car, is one of the developments of the Car Connectivity Consortium.

No more clunky car keys

The development of a joint Standards is intended to replace current stand-alone solutions from individual car manufacturers. Even bulky hardware products such as the BMW display key, which can currently be ordered for an additional charge of 290 euros for the current BMW 5 Series, for example, can be a thing of the past.

With NFC technology (' Near Field Communication ”), with which contactless payment by credit card also works, will enable drivers to unlock and start their cars in the future. Depending on the user, various parameters can be preset via the smartphone app, including the comfortable temperature of the air conditioning, seat setting and favorite channels. However, different rights can also be released and restricted for the respective car. This should be of particular interest to fleet operators and rental car companies. A young rental customer could, for example, only be assigned a limited maximum speed via his profile in the app.

Data security must be guaranteed

Subscription model for different car models, such as Volvo and the US premium brand Cadillac and which are to become growing competition for cash purchases and leasing in the future can be made more customer-friendly with the digital car key. The selected and paid car can be activated by the manufacturer within the smartphone app, the customer has the rights of use for the selected period.

An important aspect for the acceptance of the digital car key by a broad target group is of course next to the Data protection also security. The system must be as good as possible against hacker attacks from outside, which gain access to other people's cars via malwarecan provide, be protected. Even better than the wireless technology currently used in key remote controls.


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