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Car collector Yusuf Oksaz: A man who can collect

Hardy Mutschler
Car collector Yusuf Oksaz
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The racing car with bucket seats, cage and start number shuffles back and forth and finally comes to a stop a little beyond what is allowed. Such a maneuver does not go unnoticed, of course, it is almost a small happening in terms of attention value.

Yusuf Oksaz loves big performances. And somehow they belong to a man who, as the owner of two hip clubs and a trendy bar, has been one of the big names in the Swabian metropolis for many years. The hallmark of the city-famous night owl: two long braids. And of course its fleet, which preferably includes vehicles of Swabian origin. You can see Yusuf in another car almost every day in his area along Eberhardstrasse, which at night is one of the state capital's hip promenades.

A Mercedes 600 SEL is his current favorite

At the moment a Mercedes-Benz 600 SEL, built in 1992, has taken on the role of his favorite. The fully equipped twelve-cylinder with originally all-round darkened windows comes from Kazakhstan and was probably a Mafia car there, Yusuf estimates. He discovered the car online and finally took it over in Munich from two strict-looking Eastern Europeans. The club owner, whose parents are from Turkey, actually only uses the Porsche from 1979 for occasional races. And represents the big exception in Yusuf's collection, because otherwise tuning cars are a horror for him.

Rather, he comes out as an absolute freak of originality. So far, he has only been able to make friends with AMG designs and conversions by Porsche specialist Alois Ruf. The latter had trimmed the 911 Turbo to around 400 hp and equipped it with the company's own five-speed gearbox. The car has been in Yusuf's possession since 2002, who prepared it for racing without compromise. Even today he smiles at the process of creating the 'painting': 'I ran to the Porsche Museum four times with a graphic artist to use a RAL color card to determine the original Martini colors.' He finally had a high-quality adhesive film produced according to these specifications.

A VW Golf I GLS for its 30th birthday

The enthusiasm that cars arouse in Yusuf and with which he tells stories like this one is limitless and contagious. So it's no wonder that this passion for automobiles has now also spread to his wifeBritta, who works as a press officer at a bank and towers over her husband by almost a head size. At the appointment she appears in her viper green VW Golf I GLS, his present for her 30th birthday. 'Year of construction 77, first hand, real 46,000 kilometers, unrestored and no rust.' A car entirely according to Yusuf's ideas. In order to find a vehicle in such a condition, Britta explains, her husband searches the Internet for many hours a day or would quickly unwind 1,000 kilometers for a viewing appointment. 'At the moment he's scouring half the world for a tail fin.'

It would definitely feel right at home among all the other Mercedes-Benz models in Yusuf's hall. The man with the pigtails already holds all the keys in his hands, opens doors and bonnets, has not only the key data for every car, but also at least one anecdote. The 450 SEL 6.9 (W 116), for example. It was only shortly after the purchase that he found out that the car had an AMG engine. 'Not even the previous owner knew that,' Yusuf wonders in retrospect and is already looking at the next model, a 600 from 1965. For his wedding, the only option for car enthusiasts was this luxurious sedan from the W 100 series, which otherwise likes was used for government and representative purposes.

Mercedes W100 without headrests

The well-kept car (mileage 25,000) comes from a banker who deliberately ordered it without a driver's headrest. Yusuf is royally amused about the reason for the bizarre savings measure: 'After all, a chauffeur doesn't have to sleep,' the banker explained to him at the handover. With a few gentle bursts of gas, Yusuf brings the 6.3-liter V8 to life. The M100 unit is simply an unbelievably awesome engine, enthuses the Mercedes fan, who has another model with this machine in the form of a 300 SEL 6.3 (W109). 80,000 kilometers, unwelded and with a stamped checkbook. When Yusuf takes a seat in it, his eyes shine like those of a schoolboy who has just received his first racetrack.

In 2004 he discovered this car by chance in Switzerland. It was not for sale, but after an hour the owner finally gave in to his intense urge. 'He's still calling today because he really wants the car back.' You could drift through this hall for hours - you would come across a beautiful 300 SE Coupé (W 112) between a moped and motorcycle collection, various life-size statues of the Virgin Mary and a set of discarded plastic armchairs from the reception hall of Berlin-Tempelhof Airport.

Or at the other end to a '76 Cadillac DeVille bought in Arizona with an 8.2-liter V8 under the bonnet, the sheet metal of which could easily be used to form the body of a Honda N 600. This automobile dwarf is also one of the favorite cars of thecharismatic landlord. Of course, the 38 hp two-cylinder jumps on the first try. In the case of a collector like Yusuf, it almost goes without saying that this 37-year-old specimen appears as if it had only been produced the day before yesterday. Britta has now rediscovered her old Vespa scooter and started it up. Also a birthday present from her husband, who takes a seat behind her. The next moment the two of them are racing through the hall with such relish, as if there had never been more fun.


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