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Car care before summer: correct vehicle spring cleaning

Reinhard Schmid
Car care before summer
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Even those who do not particularly value the external appearance of their car should give them a wellness treatment at least twice a year. In addition to a more appealing look, the rolling base thanks to the maintenance with longer durability - and that saves costs.

Car care wheels

Almost every car can be made more stylish with aluminum rims. Anyone who does not want to do without light alloy wheels in winter should handle them carefully. They are protected by a layer of varnish, but small scratches are enough to pave the way for road dirt and road salt. Dirt sticks and gradually destroys the rim. Regular cleaning with special rim cleaners is recommended here. When buying, you should make sure that the cleaning agent is acid-free or pH neutral, so as not to unnecessarily stress the surface of the rim.

And this is how it works: Spray the agent on the cold rims, if necessary help with the sponge and rinse off again. If the rim is too warm, the ingredients in the cleaner can attack the protective layer. Important: Do not get too close with the steam jet in order not to damage the rim. For additional protection, the aluminum wheels can be sprayed with preservative after cleaning.

Car care: Upholstery and footwell

Over the winter, a stubborn dirt cocktail has formed at the feet of the passengers, which has to be tackled in spring: road dirt, road salt and grit. Unfortunately, cleaning foams often leave behind unsightly residues. Wet vacuum cleaners that can be rented in drugstores such as dm for just under 20 euros are better. So you can vacuum and clean in one go. You can also get the car seats clean with it. Important: Let the car dry sufficiently after damp vacuuming.

Car care: Interior

Dust, greasy fingers and UV radiation are the enemies of the interior, which is largely made of plastic. If the cladding parts inside have become matt and dirty, a special cleaning foam is recommended. Spray it on, let it work in and wipe it off - looks like new.

Car care: Engine compartment

The winter dirt has also spread here. From a medium distance, the engine and the remaining components are flatshower off. It is best to run the engine so that the water can evaporate again quickly. So the car continues to start safely.

Car care: Paint

After the mandatory basic wash (also from below) in a car wash or The paintwork also deserves cleaning in a washing area - here, too, do not get too close with the steam jet. A three-stage program has proven itself: First of all, the dirt must be removed from the body with a paint cleaner. Anyone who goes to work with a supposed all-in-one polish and cotton wool not only risks fine scratches, but also conserves the dirt under the polish layer. In the second step, a care product is applied that gives the paintwork a little shine and prepares the body for the last care step. This consists of a waxy seal on the colored metal cladding.

All three products are available in specialist shops for around ten euros per bottle. Never use cotton wool to apply the care products, as the finest particles collect in it and produce many small scratches. It is better to use cotton towels - a new one for each process and each product. If you want to be on the safe side, have your car cleaned by a specialist.


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