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Can-Am Ryker: dates, information, market launch, price

Can-Am Ryker
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D he uses the Canadian provider Can-Am from the BRP group for his three-wheelers on a conglomerate of a two-wheeled front axle in the automotive style without tilting technology, a motorcycle-like seating position and a single, driven rear wheel. Up to now, Can-Am had three versions of the Spyder model in its range. The prices range from around 18,899 to 29,299 euros. Relatively expensive for a very exotic driving pleasure. Accordingly, the average age of the buyers leveled off at 62 years.

Can-Am wants to significantly expand its customer base in the future and also appeal to younger buyers. For this purpose, a completely redesigned tricycle has now been launched, which will be available in Europe from the beginning of 2019 at prices of 9,799 euros. The Can-Am Ryker basically follows the concept given by the Spyder models, but many points have been modified.

Simplest operating concept

The rear wheel is driven by a cardan.

The rear wheel is now guided and driven by a single-sided swing arm with an integrated cardan. In the basic configuration, the Ryker is designed as a single-seater. A second seat can be added at an additional cost. Shifting takes place via a continuously variable CVT transmission. Braked like in a car with a foot pedal and accelerated with a twist grip like on a motorcycle. If you want to go backwards, the direction of travel is reversed using a lever on the left side of the vehicle. All in all, the operation has been simplified as much as possible.

In terms of ergonomic adjustment, the Ryker relies on longitudinally adjustable footrests and a longitudinally adjustable handlebar. Tools are not required for this. The Ryker has to do without the large storage systems of the sister models. A 7-liter compartment in front of the driver must be sufficient here. But also offers herethe accessory program with around 75,000 possible combinations, plenty of expansion options.

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Two motor options

There are also options for the motor - exactly two. A 0.6-liter in-line twin-cylinder with 47 hp acts as the basic engine, while the 0.9-liter in-line three-cylinder delivers significantly more power with 77 hp. Mileage data have not yet been given.

The Can-Am models may be driven in Germany and Austria with a class A driving license (motorcycle) or a class B driving license (car), with a minimum age of 21 Years.


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